Manu Dynasties Saptha Rishi Star Visitations Study Part I

Ancient Tamil Kingdoms

Though Manu is reported to have sprung from Vivaswan,Surya,Sun, and recorded as first Human, Offspring of Saptha Rishis are shown as progenitors of Human race.For example Daksha.Saptha Rishis change for each Manvantara.

India Puranic Names Its Current Names

Hindu Puranas and Epics describe various geographical locations in India and abroad(they a part of Bharatavarsha when these were composed)

It will be interesting and useful to know the current names of these places.
Here is a List.

The Purans distribute the Bharatvarsha as a part of Nine Divisions.

Ancient Name Present Name

1.Indra Dweep Andaman.

2.Naga Dweep Nicobar.