Manu Dynasties Saptha Rishi Star Visitations Study Part I

Ancient Tamil Kingdoms

Though Manu is reported to have sprung from Vivaswan,Surya,Sun, and recorded as first Human, Offspring of Saptha Rishis are shown as progenitors of Human race.For example Daksha.Saptha Rishis change for each Manvantara.

97% Human Genes Are From Extra Terrestrials

I have published an article that the ET, Beings from the Outer Space could have visited Earth and altered our Genes.

There have are researches going on on ET including whether the Human Genes are some things that might have in common with other living organisms including the ET.

97 % of our non sequence Genes are from the ET , Genome Projects study says.

Lived In Mars 17 Years US Marine Corps Audio

An ex Marine,pseudonym Captain Kaye says he has spent the last 17 years living on Mars defending the human colonies from Martians.

The retired officer has recently made claims that he has been part of a secret on going military mission that includes all the major players in field of space exploration, including the United States, Russia, and China.

The operation was claimed to be called the Earth Defense Force.

Did Aliens Invade Alter Genetic Code

This thought gained currency on the basis of references in World Literature and artifacts found .

Erich Von Daniken, who formulated the initial Theory that the Aliens had invaded the Earth, altered our Genetic code and programmed our Evolutionary process.

He refers to ancient unexplained relics,monuments like the Crop Circles,Pattern in the earth resembling Airplane runways.

He quotes extensively from m the Religious literature.especially from Hinduism and Aztecs, Mayan and Egyptian civilizations.

Lord Rama is explained to be an extra terrestrial who came to earth and manipulated our Genes, Daniken says.

He also compares the description of the effects of Brahmastra and the devastation of Hiroshima Nagasaki devastation after Atom bomb was dropped on them

Both the descriptions are identical!

The point is that the Ancients were not so ancient in terms of Technological development.

Again there are references to Ape like beings like Hanuman who were highly intelligent.

It does not mean it is not possible for beings of such nature to exist because we do not find them any more nor the thought on these lines are audacious.

So were the thoughts of landing on the Moon and test tube babies.

Firstly we have not fully explored the animal kingdom to prove our stand to be correct.

Secondly it is not sensible not logical to conclude that these issues are figments of imagination unless and until we prove them to be so.

References in The Bible and Koran.

” Were a scientist to read that the Quran says that Allah “sent down water from the sky” he would probably not be very impressed with such a “revelation.” Anyone with eyes could look up and see rain falling from clouds in the sky.

But if that same scientist read that the Quran stated several times 1500 years ago that Allah “sent down water from the asteroid belt,” well, that might catch that scientist’s attention.

The Arabic word Sama’ is ordinarily translated “sky,” “cloud” or “heaven.” But Sama’ came into Arabic from the Sumerians. To the Sumerians, Sama’ meant, literally, “hammered out bracelet,” and that is what they called the asteroid belt, which they believed to have been hammered out by a collision between a planet called Nibiru and a giant watery planet named Tiamet.

The collision shattered half of Tiamet, making the “hammered out bracelet.” The other half was knocked into a new orbit and became the watery planet Earth.

Extraterrestrial Documented Film Video.

The search for Extra terrestrial is getting curiouser and curiouser.

UFO and ET news and sightings never die down.

Scientists steadfastly refuse to accept evidence at all nor are they willing to examine the available information without bias.

Now more news.

You may watch the Video.

There is a full Documentary available in the Link provided.