Valmiki A Siddha Fore Runner In Tamil Sangam

Lord Rama's Cronation

Valmiki, according to Tamil, wrote three works,

Ramayana in Sanskrit,

Vanmikiipathinaaru, Sixteen verses of Valmiki, and

a Poem in Puranaanooru in Tamil.

He also participated in the Tamil Sangam.

He commanded so much respect for his scholarship in Tamil , that the earliest Tamil Grammar work in Tamil, Tholkaapiyam, quotes his works, along with that of Lord Shiva as Primary Tamil Education.

Tamil was classified into Primary,Intermediary and Secondary.

Hanuman Dwadasa Nama Tweleve Names For Fear

Here are some more names of Hanuman.

1. Hanuman (Bhakta Hanuman)-Whoo has a cleft in the chin.

Anjani gave birth to Hanuman. After birth, thinking that the rising sun was a golden fruit He leapt into the sky for it.

That day being a solar eclipse (parvatithi) Rahu (the dragon’s head) had come to engulf the sun.

Thinking that Hanuman was another Rahu Lord Indra attacked Him with His thunderbolt.

It struck Hanuman’s chin (hanuvati) which got cut and developed a cleft.

Thus he acquired the name Hanuman.

India Puranic Names Its Current Names

Hindu Puranas and Epics describe various geographical locations in India and abroad(they a part of Bharatavarsha when these were composed)

It will be interesting and useful to know the current names of these places.
Here is a List.

The Purans distribute the Bharatvarsha as a part of Nine Divisions.

Ancient Name Present Name

1.Indra Dweep Andaman.

2.Naga Dweep Nicobar.

Sita Tear Pond Agnipareeksha Ravana Chariot Photo Essay

I have posted blogs from the references of Sinhalese literature on Ramayana.

I am posting the Historical places associated with the Ramayana in Sri Lanka,

Ashokavana , where Sita was imprisoned ,

Where she took bath.Her Tears as a Pond to-day and

The spot where the Agni Pareeksha,Ordeal by Fire was confuted for Sita by Lord Rama.

I will be posting more on this subject.