India Puranic Names Its Current Names

Hindu Puranas and Epics describe various geographical locations in India and abroad(they were a part of Bharatavarsha when these were composed)

It will be interesting and useful to know the  current names of these places.


Ancient India Map according to Hindu Texts
Bharatvarsha Map

Here is a List.

The Purans describe  Bharatvarsha as a part of Nine Divisions.

Ancient Name                                                                      Present Name

1.Indra Dweep                                                                       Andaman.

2.Naga Dweep                                                                       Nicobar.

3.Saumaya Dweep                                                               Sumatra.

4.Gandharva Dweep                                                           Philippines.

5.Varun Dweep                                                                     Borneo.

6.Kauserman Dweep                                                          Sulawesi.

7.Gabastiman Dweep                                                        Papua New Guinea.

8.Tamrabarani Dweep                                                      Sri Lanka.

9.Kumaika Dweep                                                               Bharatvarsh.

It may be noted that except Bharatvarsha, all are Islands.

I have posted an article mentioning that the Tamil Kingdoms extended up to Equator.

This suggests that the boundaries of the present North India extended farther in the North, probably encompassing all the countries of now.

I shall be posting on this shortly.

Please read my post on Kingdoms of Ancient India with Map.

Rer.Message of the Purans by Dr.B.B.Paliwal.

Suggestions for improvement welcome.

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