Breathing Unilateral Intermittent Tantra Sastra

The system of Tantra Sastra of Hinduism, followed by the Shaktas(who worship Devi,Goddess as Mother, has a detailed analysis of Breathing.

The System of Tantra Sastra is interwoven intrinsically with The Yoga , as enunciated by Patanjali in his Yoga Sutras.

The Tantra Sastra of Hinduism
Tantra Sastra

One division, one can not really call it a division, as the system is an Organic whole,deals with Respiration, ‘Swasa.

The basic premise in Sakthi worship, in respect of bodies, that is without consciousness, is that it is breathing that differentiates and infuses Life and Consciousness.

The breathing process or respiration combined with the Heat Energy outside the body in the Universe, creates and sustains Life.

As Hinduism postulates there are two bodies, Stoola(Gross) and Sukshma(Subtle)

The Stula Sareera or the Body without Life is called Jata,Inert.

It is the Swasa and its combination with heat energy infuses Life into the Stula or Gross body(Jata or inert body becoming conscious)

‘Jatasakthi Jatahmika(Lalitha Sahasranama)

Every womb has its innate Heat, Garba Agni, that is every womb has its potent heat unique to each.

The Life or the Individual soul after Death, to reao the consequences of the actions performed by the body it has left, chooses a unique Garba(Womb or Yoni( female genital Organ,

The Swasa is blown into the Garba Agni and Life is created.

It is the precept of the Tantra Shastra that there are 840000 Differntial Yonis, that is differentiation of Female Genital-this is applicable to each genital Organ.

To put in another way each Organ is programmed to create 840000 more Geniatl Organs or new Life

When , as said earlier, heat and Swasa mingle Life is On.

When the Respiration stops, het leaves the Body, it grows cold.

So Gross body with out Life has o be respected as it has provided shelter to the Soul.

Hindus, after death, consign the body into flames, returning it to its partner Heat, an attribute of Fire.

How come that there are different species?

is due to Breathing, Respiration.

The length of humans is 12″ while that of Animals is 10′ or 8′ depending on its size.

Again this breath between man and Animals has a vital difference.

While Man has Intermittent Breathing, Animals have Unilateral Breathing.

To be continued.

Ref.Sakthini Padam by Proodan Sukumar.

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