Real Indian History Overview Webinar 11 December 2021 1930 IST

I will be delivering a lecture Online . Real History Facts and An Overview 9 December, 2021 at 7.30 pm IST. Duration . One hour. Platform .Zoom. Free .

People Migrated To Harappa Teeth Isotope Study Proves

The new study illuminates the lives of individuals buried more than 4,000 years ago in those rare grave sites by providing a novel comparison of the dental enamel and chemical analyses of the water, fauna and rocks of the time, using isotope ratios of lead and strontium

5000 Year Historical Site Ancient India, Balathal

Unfortunately for them the evidence being unearthed is so compelling and difficult to hide truth is emerging.

And there is an assumption that all civilizations have sprung from and developed only near River valleys.

India Puranic Names Its Current Names

Hindu Puranas and Epics describe various geographical locations in India and abroad(they a part of Bharatavarsha when these were composed)

It will be interesting and useful to know the current names of these places.
Here is a List.

The Purans distribute the Bharatvarsha as a part of Nine Divisions.

Ancient Name Present Name

1.Indra Dweep Andaman.

2.Naga Dweep Nicobar.