Armour of Gods Kavacha Nyasas

Eye, apart from seeing , also forms judgement based on the act of seeing, it acquires knowledge of what is seen.

Whether it is a Right/wrong Knowledge , correct or incorrect is a different matter.

In this function of acquiring Knowledge eyes is a Gyanendriya( Organ of Knowledge)

Mantras being the sounds grasped from Ether by Seers, are sacred and our organs should e purified and protected.

Balambika Dasakam Text Sanskrit English

Balambika is the child form of Lalitha Devi.   Detailed posts follow on this.   Balambika Dasakam is a rare stotra.     Here is the text.       1.Velathi langya karune vibhudhendra vandhye, Leela vinirmitha charachara hrun nivase, Mala kirreeta mani kundala madithange, Balambike mai nidehi Krupakadaksham. Please shower a merciful glance at…… Continue reading Balambika Dasakam Text Sanskrit English

Lalitha Sahasranama Introduction

The worship of Shiva and Shakti is unique to Hinduism. One prays the Male and the Female Principles. Though Hinduism advocates The Realization of the Self, which is a Principle  and beyond Attributes,Hinduism recommends worship of gods in the form of Idols. In this sense in Hinduism,God exists in Form and at the same time…… Continue reading Lalitha Sahasranama Introduction