Yajneshwara Is The First Avatar of Vishnu

It is yet another pointer to Sanatana Dharma being present in the south much earlier to Vedic period.

The philosophical explanation of Yagnya follows in another article.

I have noticed that the name Yagnyanarayanan is present in South India , among Brahmins.

As this Avatar preceded Matsya, which took place after Manu had a family,Yagneswara is the first Avatar of Vishnu.

Armour of Gods Kavacha Nyasas

Eye, apart from seeing , also forms judgement based on the act of seeing, it acquires knowledge of what is seen.

Whether it is a Right/wrong Knowledge , correct or incorrect is a different matter.

In this function of acquiring Knowledge eyes is a Gyanendriya( Organ of Knowledge)

Mantras being the sounds grasped from Ether by Seers, are sacred and our organs should e purified and protected.

Vishnu’s Jasmine Like Scar Sri Vathsam Description By Krishna

Vishnu Suktham again describes the principle of Vishnu.

Sketchy description of Vishnu in Human form is found in the Puranas, especially in the Vishnu Purana,

Dhuruva Stuthi describes Vishnu’s Form, but does not provide details about His Ornaments and marks .

Gopala Uttara Tapini Upanishad( 75-78) has the first reference to Lord Vishnu’s Form.

‘His feet bear the auspicious signs of a celestial standard, a royal parasol.

His chest is adorned by srivatsa locks of hair, the brilliantly shining kaustubha gem and rows of forest-flower garlands (vanamala).

His four hands hold shankha (conch), chakra (discus), gada (mace) and padma (lotus).