Mantras,Sources Types Letters

I have written in my earlier post on the Definition of Mantra . In this article I shall deal with the sources of Mantras. The uniqueness of Hinduism is that it is not Theories,but are experiences of the Seekers. An individual,who seeks Truth,arrives at it through various paths, according to his disposition and abilities. So, … Continue reading Mantras,Sources Types Letters

When Initiated Mantras Fail, Procedure To Make It Deliver Saptopaya Details

Sometimes,despite following the procedure ordained, Mantras do not seem to deliver results. Seven remedial measures are provided to correct this and ensure that the Mantas deliver the desired results. These seven methods are called Saptopaya,the seven ways .

Gayatri Mantra 24 Powers Colors One For Each Syllable

The Gayatri Mantra has, 24 Syllables, 24 Rishis, 24 Meters, Chandas,though  Gayatri itself is a Chandas, and 24 Devatas, Presiding Deities, That is One for Each Syllable. Gayatri is vibration, sound. As science confirms energy is convertible. Each Syllable of Gayatri is a Vibration and as a whole the Gayatri produces a Vibration in addition … Continue reading Gayatri Mantra 24 Powers Colors One For Each Syllable

Twenty Four Rishis Of Gayatri One For Each Syllable

Now, who are the Rishis of the Gayatri Mantra and the Chief Rishi who released the Gayatri Mantra? The Rishi who revealed the Gayatri Mantra is Sage Visvamitra. The Rishis, according the Nyasa we recite for the Gaytri are seven in number.. They are, Atri, Bhrigu,