Armour of Gods Kavacha Nyasas

Eye, apart from seeing , also forms judgement based on the act of seeing, it acquires knowledge of what is seen.

Whether it is a Right/wrong Knowledge , correct or incorrect is a different matter.

In this function of acquiring Knowledge eyes is a Gyanendriya( Organ of Knowledge)

Mantras being the sounds grasped from Ether by Seers, are sacred and our organs should e purified and protected.

Sri Vidya Tripura Sundari Upasna Maha Shodha Nyasa

Nyasa is a ritual where the individual touches various parts of the body with specific Mantras to purify these parts.

In Tripurasundari Upasana, Sri Vidya as well, the performing of the ritual is mandatory.

I have been hunting down for information on these texts and I mentally vowed six months ago. to start writing on Shakti again, I have published quite a few articles on on Shakti and Shakthi Peeetha.

I have found some information on these subjects which I am sharing.

This information is rare and is not easily available.

Nyasa Anga and Kara Preparaion for Pooja

There are procedures for performing Pooja in Hinduism.   The Universe is connected and interdependent. Any action performed affect another and there may be certain elements which may not be tolerant of your actions. There may be elements that would help you  in your endeavor. To prevent the former and facilitate the latter some procedures…… Continue reading Nyasa Anga and Kara Preparaion for Pooja

Bala AdiBala Mantras Viswamitra To Lord Ram

The mantra is not a a text written or assembled by some people to propagate a religion to sustain an Empire,

It was revealed to Humanity to the deserved.

For the deserving this will be from a Guru who will initiate this.

As practiced with out a Guru, Yama Niyama and Sandhyavandana, it will remain a text.

Not meant for self style rationalists and egotistic academicians.

I have provided from three different sources for authenticity and easy readability and download,

balaatibalayoh viraat purusha rishih |

gaayatrii devataa | gaayatrii chandah |
akaara okaaramakaaraa biijaadyaah |