Eighty Varities Of Dravidian Tamil Among Indian Tribes

attempts to show a connection with the Indo-European tongues, Mitanni, Basque, Sumerian, or Korean. The most promising and plausible hypothesis is that of a linguistic relationship with the Uralic (Hungarian, Finnish) and Altaic (Turkish, Mongol) language groups

Brahui Language Balochisthan Dravidian ,Dravida Invasion of India?

When one studies the Dravidian literature in conjunction with Sanatana Dharma,one may uncover shocking facts.

Looks as though the Dravidian culture preceded Sanatana Dharma.

But this theory goes out of the window because Tamil literature quotes Vedas,Puranas,Ramayana and Mahabharatha and these texts quote Tamil/s!

One is stumped.

Add to this the excavation of a million year old site in Chennai,where traces of advanced Tamil civilization is found.

Poompuhar sites push the date of Tamils by 30,000 years.

More sites,numbering 293 in Vaigai River near Madurai confirm the antiquity as found in the other sites mentioned above.

My view on Brahui being present in Balochisthan is due to the presence of Tamils in these areas when kings from Tamil Nadu invaded them.

There are three kings who have been credited with invading North,not to speak about those who had friendly relations with the people of Sanatana Dharma.

They are,


Ariyappadaikadantha Nedunchezhiyan

Imayavaramban Neduncheralaathaan.

I am researching on who the first Tamil king ,who invaded The North of India.

I am reproducing some theories,one of which suggests Dravidian Invasion of India.

Shall examine this theory as well later.

5000 Years Mummy Spoke Indian Language Otzi Mummy Voice

Please read my other articles on Sanatana Dharma Mittani, Sumerian, Minoan, and other ancient civilizations like Mayas and Incas.

And Immigration of world population from India.

The sounds reproduced by the scientists of The Otzi Mummy sound closer to Indian languages , more like a Dravidian language, when on hears the pronunciation of long sounds, AA, EE, AE"

Taking into account the archaeological etymological and historical eveidence one may safely say that this Otzi Mummy Find corroborates the theory that Hindus were spread throughout the world and the Religion was Sanatana Dharma.

Agastya Canopus Validates Sanatan Dharma Tamil Dates

1.Some RigVeda Hymns were composed by Agasthya, which has been dated around 27000 earlier.
2.Agasthya is mentioned in The Ramayana, which quotes the Vedas.
Ramayana took place in the Treta Yuga.
3.Agasthya legend is narrated in the Mahabharata, which took place in the Dwapara Yuga, which is sepaated fro Treta Yuga by thousands of years.
4.Tamil Classics quote Vedas, Vedas quote Tamil,Tamil is reported to have been founded by Agasthya and he had written the Tamil Classic Agathiyam.
5.Tamil dates back to over 25000 years according to latest archeological findings.*lease read my post on this filed under Hinduism,Tamils.
6.Star Canopus is visible once in 25, 725 Years.

References To Kannada In Tamil and Sanskrit

Tamil, unlike the Sanskrit Language does not have Phonetic differentiation for Alphabets.

Tamil has Alphabets dispenses with this and Tamil Grammar ,dating back to at least 5000 years, has unique system to replace the Phonetic content as displayed in Sanskrit.

Kannada follows the Sanskrit Grammar patters.

But words resemble ancient chaste Tamil words of yore.

'Oota' means Food in Kannada.

In ancient Tamil,'Oottam' means nourishment.

'Angai' denotes palms in Kannada which is the purest word meaning the same in Tamil-of course this word is scarcely used now.

It may be noted that some Pallava Kings Mahendravarman and Narasimhavarman are reported to know the language of Pulakesin II.