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All Languages of India 5000 Years Old, Conservative Estimate

22 Official languages( some estimate to be 25) and 720 Dialects( some estimate 2000) ! What are the facts,when one takes the parameters of Sanatana Dharma,its pervasive nature throughout the world and an indelendent analysis of each language in conjunction with Sanatana Dharma and the history of a language based on its history and its Dialects?

Were The Vedic People Literate

Is it possible for any race to transmit such a large volume only by Oral tradition? Could the people of Ancient India, of Sanatana Dharma, Bharatvarsha Read and Write? Western Scholars think it s possible and declare that the ancient Indians had Super Memories!

Which Is Older Kannada Or Tamil

For the atmosphere in India has been so vitiated on the basis of langauge and territories that even a slight mention, raises one's hackles. The Divide and Rule Policy started by the British about 300 years ago still lingers , currently being fueled by the politicians who have no idea of our Past History and our traditions. Having written about the early histories of Tamil in detail and a couple of Posts on the antiquity of Kannada,I would like to tread carefully, though evidence is available on these subjects. When I take up the ancient history of the other areas, bengal, Maharashtra, Gujarat, Central India, there might me surprises in store.

Three Hundred Twenty Five Recognised Languages India

India, we all know, is a land of diversity. Look at the number of languages. It is curiousthat we have taken English and French into our fold!   Agaria, Ahirani, Aimol, Aiton, Anal, Andamanese, Some Languages of India, Scripts. Angani, Angika, Ao, Apatani, Arabic, Armenian, Ashing, Assamese, Asuri, Awadhi, Badaga, Baghelkhandi, Bagri, Baigani, Bajania, Balti, … Continue reading Three Hundred Twenty Five Recognised Languages India

Kannadigas From Yadava Tribe Agastya,Kapila.Tamil

As this date is 2 BC I searched for earlier connections with Sanatana Dharama. References are found in the Tamil Classics on this and in Legends. Tamil Purananuru, says the people of Karnataka were from the Yadavas of Dwaraka. Now there are references in the Puranas of seven Dwarakas. This reference about Kannadigas probably refers to the second Dwaraka, when the tribes left for the middle east and elsewhere because of Flood.