All Languages of India 5000 Years Old, Conservative Estimate

Indian Languages,scripts.image.

The plethora of Languages in India is mind boggling.

22 Official languages( some estimate to be 25) and 720 Dialects( some estimate 2000) !

The unraveling of the History of these languages is very difficult and calls for an understanding of the Cultural undercurrent running through all these languages.

Regions may vary,languages and dialects may vary,but the ethos of Sanatana Dharma straddles them like a colossus,albeit with slight modifications as in Tamil,though the core remains the same.

Looking through the prism of Foreign Culture,would obfuscate the study for to classify and assign them dates without taking Sanatana Dharma into account ,will result in arriving at incorrect conclusions.

There,again, we have the myth,now debunked Theory of Aryan Invasion.

This helped the Invaders to divide the country and enaled them to rule India.

So, a grand design was worked out.

Take Indian languages,without taking Sanatana Dharma into account,underlying cultural unity among these languages,refer and link these languages to countries,which are now independent of India,like Afghanistan,Iran,Iraq,forgetting the the fact that Bharatavarsha extended throughout the globe,some 5000 years ago.

(Please read my articles on the spread and Sanatana Dharma, under ‘Hinduism’ or google the country plus Sanatana Dharma +ramanan 50.)

So for the common man the message was that,

There are two major Languages,Sanskrit and Tamil,

The other languages were derived out of either of these or a mixture of two.

This makes the job of misinformation easier.

One,you can divide people on the basis of Language and another,you can date individual languages as you please,meaning assign them much later dates!

What are the facts,when one takes the parameters of Sanatana Dharma,its pervasive nature throughout the world and an independent analysis of each language in conjunction with Sanatana Dharma and the history of a language based on its history and its Dialects?

1.There ,my research over eight years on Sanatana Dharma,its presence thorughout the world civilizations,my study of Indian languages’s History, compel me to arrive at different sets of facts on Indian languages and their dates.

2.As records stand now, Sanskrit and Tamil seem to be oldest of the languages of India.

3.The dates od Sanskrit and Tamil stretch far back in time and it is difficult to say which one wzs earlier,for, A million year old site Athirambakkam,near Chennai,Tamil Nadu,India had an advanced Tamil civilization znd this civilization quotes Vedas.

And Vedas refer Tamil/Tamils.

And recent excavations of Poompuhar,Tamil Nadu dates the city 11,000 Year ago!

Yet the Tamil is assigned a date of around,3000 BC!

The researches into Lemuria/Kumari Kandam, the home of Tamils indicate Kumari Kandam around 200,000 years ago!

At worst ,you can date Tamil,at 20,000 years ago.


Telugu is dated around  1500 BC.

But people forget Godavari is one of the ancient rivers of India and Godavari civilization was also a cradle of civilization.

Telugu is mentioned in Ramayana.

And Tamil Sangam literature refers to Telugu.

And Tamil Sangam is dated,by the western orientalists at 3000 BC.

So even by their reckoning Telugu should be at least 3000 years old.

In fact,based on Indian texts,it is at least 5000 years old.

5.Kannada is said to be 2500 years old.

Again Tamil texts refer Kannada and Ramayana refers to the area,Kishkinda,Rama’s sister was married to Rishyashrunga from Sringeri,Karnataka.

So Kannada can be dated at least 5000 years ago.

9.Bengali,Marathi,Gujarati, and other languages of regions around Vindhyas and beyond also date back to at least 5000 years,

becasuse they evolved from Prakrit,Brahmi,Sanskrit,which are dated at 5000 years ago or earlier.

The differnces among these languages is due to the fact that they descended from Brahmi,which had 11 types.

All the regions in India are described by Valmiki in his Ramayana and Vyasa also refers them in Mahabharata.

And all the eighteen puranas speak of all these areas and dialects.

So, none of the Indian Languages are younger than 5000 years.

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