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All Languages of India 5000 Years Old, Conservative Estimate

22 Official languages( some estimate to be 25) and 720 Dialects( some estimate 2000) ! What are the facts,when one takes the parameters of Sanatana Dharma,its pervasive nature throughout the world and an indelendent analysis of each language in conjunction with Sanatana Dharma and the history of a language based on its history and its Dialects?

Three Hundred Twenty Five Recognised Languages India

India, we all know, is a land of diversity. Look at the number of languages. It is curiousthat we have taken English and French into our fold!   Agaria, Ahirani, Aimol, Aiton, Anal, Andamanese, Some Languages of India, Scripts. Angani, Angika, Ao, Apatani, Arabic, Armenian, Ashing, Assamese, Asuri, Awadhi, Badaga, Baghelkhandi, Bagri, Baigani, Bajania, Balti, … Continue reading Three Hundred Twenty Five Recognised Languages India

Telugu, Tamil Malayalam Not Spoken In North, Incorrect Study

There was a news item that ten Indian Languages face extinction ,some being swallowed by the other Languages. But these are dialects that are in vogue in Karnataka. It is natural that a Dialect gets absorbed in a language over a period of time, if the Dialect does not attempt into evolving as a language.

Note on Telugu Personalities.

Following is a note on a few of the Illustrious sons of Telugu . It makes a change to know great men of letters from another language. Will some one mail me a list of the Great sons and daughters of other Indian Languages? " Abburi Varada Rajeswara Rao   (1923-1993): Prominent poet, critic and educator. … Continue reading Note on Telugu Personalities.

On Telugu,Telugu Men and Women,

I received a forward from my friend Manian, who is is Australia, a Link from a Blog, which imagines it to be satire on Telugu Men, Women and Telugu in general. Though the piece may appeal to some as being funny, it does not appear to be matured. To comment on a language , which is slightly … Continue reading On Telugu,Telugu Men and Women,