Matsya Purana Temple Design Amarkantak Temple Madhya Pradesh

Oldest temple in This design is found in Amarkantak temples in Madhya Pradesh. It is the birth place of River Narmada, Son and Johila

Lord Shiva .image

Britisher Who Saw Lord Shiva Renovated Shiva Temple  Baijnath Agar Malwa

I have written  articles on The Sage who spoke from the Grave,Goddess Meenakshi leads by hand,Goddess Abhirami plays,how,all documented.

Here is another such recorded fact.

A Britisher's prayer to Shiva was answered and her husband saw Lord Shiva

Shiva Devi Play Dice As Snakes Omkareswar Infra Red Image

Here Shiva and Devi are believed to play Dice after the night pooja.

This they do in the form of Snakes.

Below is a photograph taken recently with a night vision Camera.

Saneeswara, Rare Idol.Image.jpg

Where Hanuman Threw Saneeswara Rare Shani Idol

Had Saneeswara remained in the eleventh house, along with the other planets,Indrajit would have remained immortal.

That was not to be.

Ravana imprisoned Saneeswara

11 Lamps Lit On Ravana’s Head Maheswar

Furious Ravana picked up a fight with Karthaviryarjuna.

Ravana was defeated.

The mighty Sahasrarjuna with the 1000 arms pinned Ravana to the ground. Then he placed 10 lamps on his heads and one on his hand. After tying up Ravana, Sahasrarjuna dragged him home and tied him up to the cradle pole of his son. A humiliated Ravana stayed prisoner until his release was secured.

Even today, the Sahasrarjun temple at Maheshwar lights 11 lamps in memory of the event.