Britisher Who Saw Lord Shiva Renovated Shiva Temple  Baijnath Agar Malwa

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Hinduism advocates God as A Principle,Beyond Attributes.

The underlying principle of Life and Universe,both known and Unknown lies in all these,they in It,yet It is beyond them.

It is the Reality,Brahman.

This Brahman is without beginning and end.

It is Infinite.

It is beyond words,thoughts.

It Immanent and as well all Pervasive.

It can be felt and Realized.

There are various methods tried to Realize Brahman,also known as the Self.

There are as many paths,methods to Realize Brahman as many individuals and individual dispositions are.

To understand this principle and realize Brahman as a Priniple,Beyond Attributes is possible only for a few.

Brahman is Realized and not Known in the manner of our knowing mundane things.

It is,for short of words, I use this term, Experienced.

Experiences,all of them need not be through our sense organs alone.

However as this understanding of Brahman as Principle,Hinduism has suggested the method of Realizing Brahman through worship of Personal God,called Easwara.

Please read my article on Iswara Pranidhana,Yoga.

In this method God is related as Preceptor,Father,Mother,Guru,Friend,Lover……

The mind relates to things it likes.

So one is advised to choose the Devatha as he pleases,in consultation with a Guru,who can guide him in choosing what is best .

This worship of Personal God is called Saguna Aradhana,while the realization process of Brahman as The Absolute is called Nirguna Aradhana.

According to Vedas,the authority for Hindus on Spirituality,Saguna Aradhana leads to Realization.

Many Gods are found in Hindu traditions because of this thought,though the substratum of all is,One.

Among many Gods/Goddesses,three are called the Trimurthis,the Trinity.

Brahma,Vishnu and Shiva,representing Potential,Kinetic and Potentio-kinetic energy respectively.

And the Trimurthis are attributed with all human and beyond human Attributes.

The prayers addressed to them Delivers.

I have written  articles on The Sage who spoke from the Grave,Goddess Meenakshi leads by hand,Goddess Abhirami plays,how,all documented.

Here is another such recorded fact.

A Britisher’s prayer to Shiva was answered and her husband saw Lord Shiva.

And the couple renovated the Shiva Temple.

Read on.

  • This Mandir is located on the bank of the Banganga river.
  • The construction of this Mandir was started 1528 and completed in 1536.
  • Height of this Mandir is about 50 feet from ground level with 4 feet High kalash.
  • There is 17 feet deep kund(well) on the back side of the Mandir.


The British ruled India for hundreds of years, and built many churches and cathedrals. But in the 1880s, a Shiva temple in Agar Ma lwa, Madhya Pradesh, was rebuilt by Lt. Col. Martin — the only temple ever made by an Englishman in India.

Col. Martin was in the Afghan wars. He used to regularly write to his wife, informing her of conditions there. It was a long war, and gradually the colonel’s letters stopped. Mrs. Martin, who then lived in the cantonment of Agar Malwa, was besides herself with grief, fearing the worst.

She would spend time riding for hours to calm herself. One day she rode her horse, past the temple of Baijnath Mahadev. It was in a decrepit state. It was the time of arti, and the sound of conches and the chanting of mantras compelled her to stop. She went inside to see the worship of Lord Shiva taking place. The priests saw the grief on her face and asked her what was wrong. Mrs. Martin narrated her sad story. The Brahmins told her that Lord Shiva listens to sincere prayers of all devotees and saves them from difficult situations. She was advised by one of the priests to start chanting the mantra: “Om Namah Shivaya” for 11 days. The Englishwoman prayed to Lord Shiva for the colonel’s safe return, promising she would rebuild the temple if he came home safe from the war. On the 10th day, a messenger arrived from Afghanistan with a letter from her husband. It read, “I was regularly sending you letters from the battlefield but then suddenly the Pathans surrounded us. I thought there was no way of escape. Suddenly I saw an Indian yogi with long hair, wearing a tiger skin carrying a trident. He had an awe-inspiring personality and he started wielding his weapon against the Afghans who ran away from the field in fright. With his grace what was certain death our bad times turned into victory. Then the great yogi told me that I should not worry and that he had come to rescue me because he was very pleased with my wife’s prayers.”

Tears of joy and gratitude welled up in Mrs. Martin’s eyes as she read the letter. Her heart was overwhelmed. She fell at the feet of Lord Shiva’s image and sobbed. After a few weeks Lt. Col. Martin returned and his wife told him her story. The couple became devotees of Lord Shiva. In 1883, they donated Rs 15,000 to renovate the temple. This information is engraved on a slab kept in the Baijnath Mahadev Temple.

The Martins sailed for England with the firm resolution that they would make a Shiva temple at their home and pray to him till the end of life. And they did.

How to Reach:-

01 By Air 109 km away Indore Airport (IDR)Indore, Madhya Pradesh
149 km away Bhopal Airport (BHO)Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh
02 By Rail 50 km away Shajapur (SFY)Shajapur, Madhya Pradesh
50 km away Tarana Road (TAN)Tarana , Madhya Pradesh
65 km away Ujjain (UJN)Ujjain, Madhya Pradesh


Nearest Name Distance ( in Kms)
Airport INDORE 110
Railway Station SHAJAPUR 50
Railway Station UJJAIN 65
Bus Stand AGAR 00

 Reference and citation.

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