How Tirupati Balaji temple was saved Bruce Code Munroe Sadam,Prasad

Thirupati Balaji,Seshachachalam.

After completing the chanting of the divine sloka,the Boy,still holding a much surprised Le Vellian’s hands,closed his eyes for a few moments and silently offered his personal prayers to Lord Sri Venkateswara. .

Inside Thirupati Garbha Gruha 3 Venkateswaras And ….

Ugra,Srinivasa represents His aspect of unforgiving anger.

Many are not aware of this aspect of Lord Balaji,Srinivasa.

As much as He is known for His munificence,He does not forgive a forget a slight nor goes any of the dues to Him by the Devotees,uncollected.

If one has dues to Him ,like a vow taken to visit Thirupati or forgets to offer money if one has taken a vow to do so.

Normally the signal he is not pleased with you in fulfilling your vow to Him, is your getting inexplicable stomach ailments.

The solution is to fulfill your vow.

Lord Balaji Feet Thirumala Man Made?

Mount Toba’s ashes settled in Jwalapuram, Kurnool, Andhra and this is dated again to antiquity.

We have the Nazca lines of Peru which resembles Shiva’s Trident.

Lord Krishan’s son Pradhyumna built a city in Russia.

Lahore Pakistan was built by Lava, son of Lord Rama.

The Mayas and Incas followed the Agama procedure in building their Pyramids.

In the Middle east we have the Shiva Temple now called Mecca.