Inside Thirupati Garbha Gruha 3 Venkateswaras And ….

The sanctum of Thirupathi Venakateswara, Balaji contains the Idol of Lord Venkateswara and two more Idols of Srinivasa.

Such is the imposing and divine presence of Lord Balaji with His stunning looks, we often miss what else is present in His Sanctum!

Vishnu's Discus.
Vishnu’s Discus.gif

There are three idols of Lord Balaji, Srinivasa.

They are,

Idols in Thirupathi Sanctum image
replica of Sanctum Sanctorum(Garba Griha) of Tirumala Venkateswara Temple depicting SriDevi BhuDevi Sametha Malayappa Swamy-Left, Lord Venkateswara Main Deity(Dhruva beram)-Center, Bhoga Srinivasa-Center bottom, Ugra Srinivasa, Sita Lakshmana Sametha Sri Rama, Sri Krishna, Rukhmini- Right. Image credit wiki

1.Sri Bhoga Srinivasa,

2) Ugra Srinivasa,

Legend has it that fire broke out in the village destroying houses during Brahmotsavam at Tirumala in the 14th century A.D. When prayers were offered to the God, a@ vision appeared to a devotee with a message from Lord Srinivasa himself. With the change in times, the Ugra Srinivasa idol could no longer remain the processibon idol and a new idol would be found as utsava murti (Malayappa swami). The Ugra Srinivasa idol is no longer brought out of the temple after sunrise and it is believed that sunrays touching the idol would spark fire in the temple complex.

3) Koluvu Srinivasa,

4) Sri Malayappa,

5) Sri Krishna,

6)Srirama, Sita, Lakshmana and Sugreeva and

7) Sri Chakrattalvar. ‘

It is rare to find seven idols in a Garbha Gruha.

Three of Srinivasa are found.

Srinivasa is an Avatar of Vishnu.

Vishnu,though according to functions is  Kshatria,because He protects like a father,the term Vishnu is from Jishnu,meaning one who supports,The Vishnu Purana is classified as Sattvic , not Rajasic as protection is the function of a King with Compassion,Kshama,the ability to forgive.

Yet in Thirupati we find Bhoga Srinivasa given the first place.

Bhoga means enjoyment.

In Srinivasa avatar ,His specific purpose has been to shower  Kshama and Blessings and He enjoys it.

Hence Bhoga Srinivasa gets the priority.

Ugra,Srinivasa represents His aspect of unforgiving anger.

Many are not aware of this aspect of Lod Balaji,Srinivasa.

As much as He is known for His munificence,He does not forgive a forget a slight nor goes any of the dues to Him by the Devotees,uncollected.

If one has dues to Him ,like a vow taken to visit Thirupati or forgets to offer money if one has taken a vow to do so.

Normally the signal he is not pleased with you in fulfilling your vow to Him, is your getting inexplicable stomach ailments.

The solution is to fulfill your vow.

Then, as a Father He would ignore your omission and shower you with His Grace.

This,I have experienced personally and also from others.

These do not have any scientific or even religious explanation.


As to me ,if my issue is resolved it is more than enough, I do not waste my time how and why  the problem is solved.

Not very rational,

Isn’t it?

That is  way the things are.

‘Koluvu Srnivasa is Utsava Murthy.

I am researching into the presence of Rama,Sita,Sugreeva and Chakkarathalvar in the Sanctum.

They,in my opinion, have a historical connection.

Shall write.

Bhoga Srinivasa Murti:
Sri Bhoga Srinivasa Idol is a true copy of the Dhruva Bera(Main Deity) except that the Sanku and Chakra are permanently fixed in the case of Bhoga Srinivasa. Sri Bhoga Srinivasa gets Abhishekam every morning unlike the Dhruva Bera to which Abhishekam is performed only on Fridays.
Ekanta Seva is performed to Sri Bhoga Srinivasa. During Ekanta Seva, Sri Bhoga Srinivasa is placed in a Silver Cradle in the Sayana Madapam and offered milk to Sri Bhoga Srinivasa. Sandalwood paste is also offered to him every night. Ekanta Seva is performed to Sri Bhoga Srinivasa for all months in a year except Dhanurmasam in which Ekanta Seva is performed to Sri Krishna.
This idol is made of Silver and was consecrated by the donar, the Pallava Queen, Samavai in 966A.D. The donor’s consecration is recorded in an Epigraph on the northern wall of the Temple Prakaram which is perhaps the earliest inscription in the temple.
Koluvu Srinivasa or Bali Bera:

Every day after the morning Thomala Seva, a darbar called Koluvu is held in the Tirumamani Mantapam where the deity is brought and is seated in a silver chair with a gold umbrella above him. This idol officiates for the main idol during this function and hence his name is Koluvu Srinivasa.

He is akin to the guardian deity and supervises the temple household, and keeps himself posted with all the affairs and revenue of the temple. The Panchangam or the Calendar of the day is also read out before Koluvu Srinivasa Every Day.

Sri Malayappa or Utsava Murthi:
The first mention of this deity under the name “Malai Kuniya Ninra Perumal” is found in an Epigraph about the year 1339AD. The idol is in a Standing Pose and is a replica of the Dhruva Bera(Main Deity). The two upper arms hold the Sanku and Chakra, the lower right arm is in the Varada hasta pose and the left arm in Katyavalambite pose. This image has a very rich treasury of precious gems and jewels made of Platinum and Gold.
The idol of Lord Malayappa is about three feet height and stands on a lotus pedestal on a platform about 14inch height. To right is the idol of Sridevi about 30inch height. Sridevi left hand is in the Kataka hasta pose, the right is in the Gajakarna pose. To left is the idol of Bhudevi which is in standind pose. Bhudevi left hand is in the Gajakarna pose, the right is in the Kataka hasta pose.
In the order of preferences the idols that represents the Dhruva Bera’

Description of Thirupathi Balaji’S Grabha Gruha is from the following link and quoted portions are from this source.

One thought on “Inside Thirupati Garbha Gruha 3 Venkateswaras And ….

  1. I heard many times about the multiple murtis of Lord Venkateswara, but got to know about the history and detail behind them here.. thank you…
    Om Namo Venkateswaraya… chant venkateswara Ashtothram or the 108 names of lof venkateswara for his grace.


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