Why Siva Muruga Have No Dynasties

I have received an interesting question as a comment for my post How To Construct Shiva Linga”

Shiva and His sons
Ganapti, Shiva and Muruga.

“Iam asking why  there is no  Dynasty for Siva, Muruga for the legacy continued from treta yuga till date ? I have been doing some research in both shaivism and Vaishnavism ? but records and history and dynasty hermitage has been well preserved in vaishnavism, but in shaivism why there is no records about the dynasty lineage is not present ? abrupt disruption or is it hidden, I have been doing some research about pratyangira devi in sholinganallur ? i could nt find the character in even shiv purana or shakti purana ? and the stala purana which is being told is completely false ? why this kind of false and misinterpretation shaivism ??”

It is from Mr.Rajesh Kumar.

The question, to some, may sound heretic and silly.

I feel that the question is rational and an explanation is called for.

It needs an effort to sift  the allegories, allusions from Philosophy in Hinduism.

The  question has two parts.

1.Why Shiva and Muruga do not have Dynasties?

2.Why does not it continue in the Kaliyug?

1.In Hindusim most of the Gods mentioned are symbolic representations of the principles of Nature.

Vishnu the Kinetic Energy,Shiva The Potential Energy,Manmatha as the embodiment of sexual desire,Goddess Parvati as the dormant energy of the Macrocosm and the Microcosm.

However, the same principles represented as Gods have also descended to the earth as Avatars.

When an Avatar as a Human Being takes place, the Gods are also bound by the laws applicable to Man.

They undergo the whole process that Man goes through.

So we have Lord Ram and Krishna getting married , having children, winning and losing wars and  dying.

If they had not been born( I am not sure my grammar is correct here), they would not have had to undergo the tails and tribulations of Man.

By definition Gods in Hinduism have some basic qualities that qualify their existence.

1.Their feet will not touch the ground.

2.Their eyelids do not blink.

3. Garland adorned by them will not wither away.

4.They do not have sexual intercourse through Genital Organs.

If one notices, Brahma was born out of the navel,Nabhi, of Vishnu,Subrahmanya, Muruga was born of the third Eye of Lord Shiva and Ganapati from  essence of Parvati’s whole body.

So in the strictest Human sense Sybramanya, Ganapati are not the progeny of Lord Shiva, unlike Lava, Kusa,sons of Lord Ram  or Pathyumna or Samba of Lord Krishna.

So as Gods representing principles they do not have children in our usage of the term.

Once born as an Avatar they o beget children like we do.

One interesting point to note is that Lord Shiva is not reported to have been born of a Womb even as an Avatar.

He appears, does His Job and vanishes.

He is called ‘Ayonijan’,one who does not stay in the Womb.

Therefore He does not have children in His Avatars.

Again in the Case of Muruga , allegorically, He is  explained is the Embodiment of Suddha Brahman, Nirguna and Saguna Brahman(without and with attributes, respectively)

Siva in Sanskrit means ,Prosperity’ and the Dormant energy when spoken with Shakti or Parvati, the Prime mover

2.Why there is no continuity of Dynasties in Kaliyuga?

The  Purana do not indicate any Dynasty for the Kalki Avatar.

It is safe to assume that there is none for Him to continue as a legacy.

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4 thoughts on “Why Siva Muruga Have No Dynasties

  1. RAMANI SIR! There is an episode in the Purana that when Lord Brahma was questioned about the importance and greatness of the PRANAVA MANTRA OR OHM by Lord Subramanya, he could not give a proper reply. Hence Muruga imprisoned him for a short while in Cosmic timescale.

    But during this time Lord Muruga himself undertook to create SUPER HUMAN, ETERNAL BEINGS. Finally when Lord Shiva released Brahma and asked him to resume Creating Humans, the Super race of beings created by Lord Subramanya were allotted a very seperate universe for them to exist and since they WERE CREATED BY LORD SUBRAMANYA, they had all the divine attributes associated with MURUGA and are believed to be still in existence somewhere in a different Universe or a different part of our own Universe.


  2. Very Good Answer Mr. Ramanan For The Question. Yes, You Are True. Gods Do Not Born, According To The Scriptures It Appears That They Visit For A Brief Period As Avatar Or In Real Form For Some Coarse Correction.

    Also, It Is A Common Practice In Hinduism To Depict God With A Unique Symbolic Representation Of Their Attachment With Mother Earth, The Karmabhoomi. If Any Hindu God Takes Birth in Earth, Then He/She Will Not Be Given Nagabharanam or Serpents(Nagas) As An Ornament. Serpent(Nagas) To Gods Represent That They Do Not Have Any Karmadosha or They Are Above All Cosmic Karma (Past, Present and Future) Hence They Have The Control of Time, Other Gods Who Do Not Have Nagabharanam (Serpents) Can Be Loosely Termed As Lesser Gods, Since They Were Under The Influence of Karmic Bondage When They Appeared To Earth.

    Any God With Nagabharanam, Will Not Have Any Dynasty Since, They Are Cosmic Powers and Never Had Earthly Presence.


  3. Hi Ramanan, I understand your question about no Shiva dynasties but from whatever little I know about the Shiva avatars, Hanuman is one avatar said to be born to Anjani and Kesari. How is it possible without being in womb? Please explain.


    1. Hanuman is an Amsa of Lord Shiva, where some or all the qualities of Godhood is present,

      Avatar is the process of God being born as a Human being and subjected to the Human conditions of Brirh, Growth,Decay and death and an Avatar will have to undergo the human emotions.

      Avatar without being in a womb,Appearance of God in a Flash as if from no where, gets the job done and disappears.
      Shiva’s 64 Thiruvilayadal belong to this category.


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