Tamil As Personification of Subrahmanya, Murugan,Skanda

Subrahmanya with Six faces

Tamil has these broad divisions -3.


Isai,Music and


Each of these has a different Form and Grammar.

Tamil letters are divided into three groups,Vallinam,Idayinam and Mellinam and these determine the pronunciation in Tamil. Three.

க ச ட த ப ற -வல்லினம்.Hard sound

ங ஞ ண ந ம ன-இடையினம்.Medium

ய ர ல வ ழ ள-மெல்லினம்.Soft.

Tamil has Uyir Ezhuthukkal,Base Alphabets-12.

Bhagavatha Skanda Purana Identify Kumari Kandam

Aindram a Grammatical work of the early Tamils was destroyed.

This might be from the land mass Aindra.

Tamraparnam might mean the early Tamisl 47 Kingdoms.

River Tamraparni still flows in Thirunelveli district, Tamil Nadu.

This river lowed, in earlier times to further south and joined the sea in Kumarikndam as the now defunct ancient River Pahruli.

Murugan Teaches Shiva Pranava Veda Swamymalai

Because Kaarthikeya, called Murugan in Tamil,taught the precept of the Veda to Shiva, Guru of Gurus, a realized souls Brahmin, Murugan, meaning most beautiful, came to be known as Subrahmanya, The best among Brahmins, those who realized brahman, the Reality.