Tamil Sanskrit From Shiva’s Damaru Simultaneously

As to the origin of Sanskrit, it is from Shiva's Damaru, a musical instrument, adorned by Shiva. The sound of Damaru created Sanskrit and it was compiled as Maheswara Suktha. This was revealed to Panini and Agastya

Shiva His Ornaments Description And Meaning.

And these three lines also indicate the three fundamental units/forces of the Universe. Motion,Non motion and their being held in balance. Purusha,the Kinetic Energy,Prakriti,the Potential energy and the Sparsa,the initial contact that evolves the Universe. The Universe is constantly in Motion and is born of Motion.

Sanskrit From Shiva’s Damaru Maheswar Sutras

After completion of His Cosmic dance,Shiva sounded His Damaru as the Universe was being created. These sounds create maintain regulate and destroy the Universe. Semen and Sound are mentioned as the Creative Force of the Universe. Lord Subrahmanya is worshiped as the embodiment of both. Nada Bindu Kaladi Namo. Bindu may be translated as Semen in the physical plane and as stages of spiritual development in Nada Yoga.