Sanskrit From Shiva’s Damaru Maheswar Sutras

After completion of His Cosmic dance,Shiva sounded His Damaru as the Universe was being created.

These sounds create maintain regulate and destroy the Universe.

Semen and Sound are mentioned as the Creative Force of the Universe.

Lord Subrahmanya is worshiped as the embodiment of both.

Nada Bindu Kaladi Namo.

Bindu may be translated as Semen in the physical plane and as stages of spiritual development in Nada Yoga.

Kalki Avatar In Buddhism Vaishaka Dwadasi

Buddhism may lead one to believe that it is anti Sanatana Dharma because of its refusal to accept the Sruthi, Vedas as a tool of knowledge,Pramana.

It also advocates Nihilism or Sunya Vada which states that there is no Reality.

It shuns Rituals as advocated by The Vedas.

It disapproves Idol worship.

Incidentally Vedas do not advocate Idol worship either.

But Buddhist traditions closely follow the Hindu Puranas.

Hindu traditions, Puranas describe the Ten Avatars of Vishnu and one among them is the Kalki Avatar, which is yet to manifest in the present Kali Yug.

It is equally interesting that the Bhavishya, Garuda and Vishnu Puranas count Buddha as an Avatar of Vishnu.

Kalki Avatar is also cited in the Kalachakra tradition of Buddhism with modifications.