ISIS Started By US Saudi Arabia Documents

The US created the Taliban in order to drive Russia away and Saudi Arabia also played its part. Then came Al Qaeda, an offshoot of that move. Now it transpires that US , with Saudi Arabia has again created IS to ferment trouble in Syria and IS has now become to haunt the world like Al Qaeda. US, more menacing than Pakistan in the creation of Terrorism. The Documents Government prove this.

Raping Rules Of Islam Female Slave Book Issued ISIS

I hear that the majority of Muslims are against this. But I do not seem to have any thing so far. Or are they doing this job of condemning so publicly that none hears of it? If an obscure magazine which no one would have heard of otherwise, had published some innocuous remark or a Cartoon on Muhammad, from a country like Iceland,Norway, there would have been vociferous protests starting from Muslim Countries, down to our street Mullahs and Imamas. Probably these people consider the atrocities as not worth noting! Now ISIS has issued a Pamphlet explaining the justification, nay a diktat, for Raping woman they have captured. Read this atrocity of a directive.

Muslims Adapt Or Leave Julia Gillard Australia PM Hoax

I saw a message attributed to Julia Gillard,PM of Australia asking Muslims to either adapt or Leave.   I crosschecked the information and found that this is a hoax.   Well, Wish some one had the Guts to say it!     " W O W ! She Did It Again!!! Australia says NO -- … Continue reading Muslims Adapt Or Leave Julia Gillard Australia PM Hoax

CIA Tortures.jpg

CIA Torture Full Document, Excerpts

Five prisoners were subjected to "rectal rehydration" or "rectal feeding." Buried in the footnotes, the report mentions that an officer played "Russian Roulette" with a prisoner. Former National Security Adviser Condoleezza Rice was deeply involved in evaluating the use of waterboarding and "staged burial." The difference between a terrorist and a Free State seems to be in their (Believed )Causes.

Where Are These Muslims?

Siddique was nowhere to be found. While we were preparing the body for funeral. He came, inebriated, crying , demanding that he be allowed to carry my father's body to the cremation ground. The priests objected to this, him being a Muslim. My eldest brother said that Siddique was more attached to our father than us and my father reciprocated that. Siddique carried the body.