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Eyes Glow Real Lakshnikantha Andal Hedthale Temple 16 Faced Hall

Such is the greatness of Andal,one of the twelve Azhwars,and the only woman,she evokes proximity to Godhood easily.

Though there are Sannadhis, separate sanctum for Andal in most of the Divya Kshetras,very little is known about Andal sanctum at Lakshmikanthaswamy temple at Hedthale,near Nanjangudu,near Mysuru, Karnataka,India.

Who Has The Courage Of Andal To Address Vishnu Thus

When Tamil takes postion on this?

The result is exquisite.

There are many who have treated God as a Lover, meera Bahi an example.

Andal, an Azhwar by her own right steals the show in this lover role Nayaka Nayaki Bhava.

Her yearning for Vishnu, Krishna is something ephemeral and would melt one’s heart without being erotic.

Where Are These Muslims?

Siddique was nowhere to be found.

While we were preparing the body for funeral.

He came, inebriated, crying , demanding that he be allowed to carry my father’s body to the cremation ground.

The priests objected to this, him being a Muslim.

My eldest brother said that Siddique was more attached to our father than us and my father reciprocated that.

Siddique carried the body.

Nine Sleeping Poses Of Lord Vishnu

Lord Vishnu is portrayed as Sleeping on a Bedroll of a Huge Snake in Paarkkadal,Ksheera Sagara(Ocean of Milk).

This is allegory.

Lord Vishnu does not sleep.

His sleep is called Yoga Nidra (Sleeping posture i Yoga) or Ari Thuyil(Tamil-sleeping while aware of everything)

The Snake Adisehsa is the coiled Cosmic energy in the Solar Plexus(Mooladhaara).