OM In Sumerian Prayer 2600 BC Predates Veda

I have written on the early connections between the Sumerians and The Tamils of India and the probability of the ancestors of Sumerians and MU people being Tamils.

And Lord Rama , His Brother Bharata and King Dasaratha feature in Sumerian Kingslist!

“Those who recite the sound Om, (activates deathless Light in the body) and becomes radiant (amar su-ti-a)”

~ Temple Hymn 31

World’s Oldest Temple Gobekli Turkey Built By Brahmins

I have posted articles on the connection between Sanatana Dharma, called as Hinduism, and Sumeria and Mesopotamia. Shiva connection in Haran in Turkey, Murugan was worshiped in Iraq,Narasimha and Tamil … Continue reading World’s Oldest Temple Gobekli Turkey Built By Brahmins

Sandhyavandan Sapta Rishis In Islamic Tribe Yazidis

By practice the Yazdis are Non Dualists, Advaitins( Advaita was developed by Shankaracharya).

The Yazidis do not believe as the Higher Philosophy of Hinduism, in Good or Evil, Devil.

Shankaracharya says the same while speaking about it in Nirvana Shatgam.

Please read my post on this.

The Supreme Reality Brahman does not have attributed, Nirguna.

The Yazidis perform a form of Sandhyavandana.

Lord Rama’s Chapel In UR Iraq

Amidst the ruins of Ur, he unearthed a Ram-chapel but totally missed its relevance in world history. This crucial finding not only bridges the wide gaps between Indian tradition and archaeology but also unfolds the historic bonds that once united ancient India, Iran and Sumer. Ram-Sin of (Larsa) to whose memory this chapel was dedicated must have been Rama of Valmiki.