Krishna In Iraq Iran Israel Kishon River

The Yadava Clan,  twenty-two in number,after the Mahabharata War, migrated towards Iran and spread to Iraq and move on to Israel before proceeding further.

In the Iranian city of Susa of Parthian period(247 BC -224 AD) was found a statue of Lord Krishna.

 Krishna Bust excavated from the ancient city of Susa,Iran.Image.jpg
Krishna Bust excavated from the ancient city of Susa, Iran Hair style with Feathers and Angavstra s seen.

As to the word Parthian, one of the name of Arjuna is Partha and Krishna is also known as Parthasarathy.

Krishna as Balakrishna.jpg
Krishna as Balakrishna.


The above one is from Iraq, where a stamp was issued to celebrate the Mosul spring Festival.


In Israel there is a River Kishon.

‘The Kishon River (Hebrew: נחל הקישון‎, Nachal HaKishon; Arabic: نهر المقطع‎, Nahr el-Mokatta,[1][2] or Mukutta’,[3]the river of slaughteror dismemberment; Alternative Arabic, الكيشون al-Qisun) is a river in Israel that flows into the Mediterranean Sea near the city of Haifa.-wiki

And there is a Town called as Bal Gad.

A place in ancient Israel, Baal-Gad was a Canaanite town in the valley of Lebanon at the foot of Hermon, near the source of Jordan River. (Josh. 13:5; 11:17; 12:7) It was the most northern point to which Joshua’s conquests extended. It probably derived its name from the worship of Baal. Its exact location is uncertain, but it is generally considered to be Hasbaya in Wadi et-Teim or a site nearby.-wiki

Easton’s suggests that its modern representative is Banias. Some have supposed it to be the same as Baalbek. Others have suggested that it is the same location as Baal-hamon

The Canaanite God Thunder is Baal.

Krishna as a Child is worshiped as Balakrishna.

See the Image.

Is this Krishna with calf?

And Krishna is called fondly as Kanhaiya in the North.

Is this Canaan”

Prof. P. N. Oak has argued that Baal is none other than Baleshwara or Sri Krishna and that the Canans were the people of Kanha or Sri Krishna.

Krishna with Calf. image.jpg
Krishna with Calf.


The Canan-ite God Baal with his Calf.jpg
The Canan-ite God Baal with his Calf.


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  1. so lord krishna migrated towards west (israel) when saraswati river dried up ? and people of israel worshipped krishna ? can u share something interesting about jews and their ancestors ? any missing link ?


  2. There are many other names places which I feel have a strong Hindu connection. There is lava island (lavanasur), an island near to it called kisna or kish, a place called Yadavran ( maybe the yafavas fought a war there), I feel that this piece of history has to be researched.


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