Why Special Honour To Indra Among Ancient Tamil Kings

There is also a view that Poompuhar,Kaverippommpattinam,the harbour of Chozhas was submerged because of failure to celebrate Indira festival.

Tamil Sangam Dates 4140 to 14,000 BC

Ruins of Lemuria. Image credit. http://www.theeventchronicle.com/study/lemuria-australia-pacific/#

Assuming ,at the most conservative level ,that the Tsunami struck immediately before Silappadikaram period,which is unlikely as to reconstruct the Land and take the language to classical level of Silappadikaram would have required at least five thousand years,we can assign the last Tsunami at 14,000 BC.

And taking the account of Tamil classics for the duration of each Sangam at ( there is novreason to doubt this as their version about Third Tsunami is validated,