Tamil Epic Silappadikaram Quotes Harivamsa Of Vyasa ,Bhasa

And the description of this nature is found in Balacharitha by Bhasa in Sanskrit in a Drama form.This description is found in Harivamsa too.Following are the relevant lines in Silappadikaram.

Home Where Kannagi Kovalan Lived Madurai Kadaichanendal

The original name of the place was Kadai+Chilambu+Endhal, meaning 'the place where the Anklet was held in Hands for the last time'

I am unable to find the photo of the house.

Tamil Sangam Dates 4140 to 14,000 BC

Assuming ,at the most conservative level ,that the Tsunami struck immediately before Silappadikaram period,which is unlikely as to reconstruct the Land and take the language to classical level of Silappadikaram would have required at least five thousand years,we can assign the last Tsunami at 14,000 BC.

And taking the account of Tamil classics for the duration of each Sangam at ( there is novreason to doubt this as their version about Third Tsunami is validated,

Thiruvananthapuram City Padmanabha Swamy 20,000 Years Old

And now Poompuhar has been dated some 20,000 years back!

As Silappadikaram speaks of Thiruvananthapuram and Anantha Padmanabhaswamy temple, these two should have existed before the events narrated in Silapadikaram.

As Poompuhar is dated 20,000 years ago, it is reasonable to state that Thiruvananthapuram and Padmanabhaswamy temple date back to 20,000 years.

Indian Valentines Day May 10 Indira Vizha Nepal Yena festival

When a Choza king stopped it, the harbour city of Kaveripumpattinam in Tamil Nadu was devoured by the sea..

This Festival the Indian Valentines Day was held on the Chitra Pournmi Day.

That is on the day the Nakshatra Chitra( Spica) and a Full Moon fall on the same day.

This is around May 10 of the Gregorian Calendar.

To allow for climate changes this is celebrated around is September 27 in Nepal

This is also the day of Buddha Pournima and Kurma Jayanthi