Makara Sankranti as Indira Vizha Tamil Epics Detail

It is worth noting that the 28 days correspond to 28 days of Margazhi month in Tamil and one extra day in Marghazhi was used in preparation for the Pongal,Indira Vizha Festiy.This is exactly the Makara Sankranti day,and this was celebrated by ancient Tamils with pom

PETA Killed Animals Attacks People Terrorist Links Full Story

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Uttarayana Festival By The Tamils Vadavazhi Vizha

This has been documented in earlier Tamil Sangam Works and in detail in the Silappadikaaram.

The Vedic Gods, Subrahmanya, Devi, Varuna,Vishnu and Indra were worshiped, assigning each of them to a unique terrain.

‘Vaadai Vizha or Vadavazhi Vizha, the festival of welcoming the Lord Surya back to home, as He turns northward, celebrated on December 21/22 (Winter Solstice) (the sixth day of Panmizh[Maargazhi]). It is sung about in Akanauruanthology.

Consumers Stop Hotels From Fleecing

In Tamil Nadu the State Government has opened up Restaurants selling good tasty food at affordable Prices.

The low-cost canteens in Chennai, serving breakfast and lunch at rock-bottom rates, are an instant hit. And the welldressed office-going crowd does not seem to mind sharing space with the slum-dweller for that tasty rice-sambar sold at Rs.5 and curd-rice sold at Rs.3.

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Other hotels charge anything between Rs 18 per plate of two Idlis and Curd Rice around Rs 20.

You do not get a Masala Dosa for anything less than Rs 70!


People think it is beneath their dignity to question this extortion.

Imagine people with a salary fo Rs 400 to 5000 per month ,are staying alone and have to take food in restaurants.

is this not fleecing?

Why consumer groups are silent on this issue?

I saw a Talk show in Vijay TV Neeya Naana where the Hoteliers met with the customers for a discussion.

And they offer you what they think you like, never an authentic Tamil Nadu Cuisine except Idli Vada Ponga and Poori (which has become South Indian now( and a few other items)

Whys no specific Tamil specialties?

I can name quite a few.

Think about it,