Rudram Prokshana Mantra By Kutsa Indras Look Alike

Kutsa who traces his ancestry to Angirasa is mentioned in all the four Vedas, a rare honour. He authored Sukthas in The Rig Veda but refers it to hos ancestor Angirasa as a mark of respect by callimg it Kutsa Angirasa. As an aside it may be mentioned that the Great Acharayas never a

Thumb Sized Rishis Protect From Radiation Valakilyas

Tamil literature is very clear in saying that the main task of the short and smart ascetics is to prevent human beings from being scorched. So they absorb the excess heat from the sun by travelling in front of him. Tamil books also add they were in turn given energy by Lord Skanda and Goddess Durga.

Uttarayana Festival By The Tamils Vadavazhi Vizha

This has been documented in earlier Tamil Sangam Works and in detail in the Silappadikaaram. The Vedic Gods, Subrahmanya, Devi, Varuna,Vishnu and Indra were worshiped, assigning each of them to a unique terrain. 'Vaadai Vizha or Vadavazhi Vizha, the festival of welcoming the Lord Surya back to home, as He turns northward, celebrated on December 21/22 (Winter Solstice) (the sixth day of Panmizh[Maargazhi]). It is sung about in Akanauruanthology.

Ahalyas Consensual Relation Indras Thousand Vulvas

I am intrigued by the Pancha kanya ,deifying five virgins. This list included among others Sita. Tara. Mandodari , Tara. Some texts mention seven virgins ,Saptha Kanyas which includes Draupadi.The curious point is none of these women were virgins and excepting Sita had more than one husband, some under pressure and others willingly.   Please … Continue reading Ahalyas Consensual Relation Indras Thousand Vulvas

Delhi,Indraprastha Built by Builder From Atlantis

Modern Delhi ,( portion of it) was called Indraprastha . It was built by Maya. Maya was from Sakadweepa. Saka Dweepa was Atlantis. More on Atlantis to follow. Earth as Seven Islands.