Ahalyas Consensual Relation Indras Thousand Vulvas

I am intrigued by the Pancha kanya ,deifying five virgins. This list included among others Sita. Tara. Mandodari , Tara.

Some texts mention seven virgins ,Saptha Kanyas which includes Draupadi.The curious point is none of these women were virgins and excepting Sita had more than one husband, some under pressure and others willingly.


Please read my post on this ,Seven Chaste women of Hinduism.

Most intriguing is the case of Ahalya who was married to Sage Gautama.

Ahalya was created by Brahma and was an Ayonisha.

That is she was not born of a womb.

After her marriage Indra, Chief of Devas lusted after her and in the guise of her husband Gautama approached her ,seduces her and had relationship with her.

Gautama coming to know of this curses Indra to have 1000 Vulvas in his body and Ahalya was cursed to become a stone.

On her en treaties, Gautama tells her that she would regain her form once Lord Rama’s feet touch her.

And she she sholud offer oblations to Lord Rama.Balakanda of Ramyana by Valmiki states that Ahalya willingly gave herself up because she wasand flattered that thevKing of Devas was infatuated with her.And she was very proud of her beauty.

Essence is that she and Indra had consensual relationship.

But Uttara Ramayana differs slighly about how Ahalya was created by Brahma.

Later Brahnanas and folklore resorted to misinformation stating that Ahalya was an unwilling partner.

This difference is enough for foreigner scholars(?) to inject further sexual inundoe.

They have taken thecword Ahalya to mean ‘unploughed’

And Indra plouughed her.

What a crude and vulgar attempt.

The word Ahalya neans pure as a virgin land.

And , allegorically speaking, Indra , being the God of thunder maked infertile lands fertile.

TAGORE in his comment subscribes to this view

.Reference.Wiki Ahalya.






































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