Detect Cancer With Chocolate Study

A new study has found hat Sugar makes it easy to detect cancer growth in MRI.

Certain type of sugars are absorbed by the cancer cells more than the healthy cells.

In MRI the area lights up.

If put into practice, this process could be completed in a local hospital rather than refereed to Specialty Hospitals.

Find Out,Slave Or Slave Owner Database

Now Britons can find out if their Ancestors were slave owners  by accessing database where details are listed for compensation was paid to the ‘Owners‘ for losing their ‘possessions!” Recently there was a huge uproar in India when James Cameron, the British PM refused to apologize for Jalianwallabagh massacre. I posted a blog observing that if the… Continue reading Find Out,Slave Or Slave Owner Database

Why People See Sound?

I have often heard of people seeing Sound, especially when they are engrossed in Listening to Music. Other case relate to other circumstances. Why do some people see sounds? Story: Past experiments revealed there are strong differences between individuals when it comes to how prone they are to this illusion. “Some would experience it almost every time a… Continue reading Why People See Sound?

Psychopaths Have Different Brain Structure

  Interesting find. Story: Scientists who scanned the brains of men convicted of murder, rape and violent assaults have found the strongest evidence yet that psychopaths have structural abnormalities in their brains. The researchers, based at King’s College London‘s Institute of Psychiatry, said the differences in psychopaths’ brains mark them out even from other violent… Continue reading Psychopaths Have Different Brain Structure