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OM Changes In Brain Cerebral Blood Flow MRI Study

There have been specific researches conducted on the Mantras, including the Gayatri Mantra and OM.

I am quoting the excerpts of three different researches on OM,relating to OM’s resonance effects on the Brain, on Cerebral Cortex where the Blood supply is improved,Mind calms down, Blood pressure is brought under control.

These experiments were conducted by eminent scientists, not all of them Indians under strict research procedures.

Here are the Abstracts of the Studies.

New Brain Area Found Assumption So Far ?

Most of the cases are this way.

Doctors won’t admit it for it will lower their Image.

As to me I am prescribing praying.”Vaidyo Narayno Hari”(I Pray the Greatest Doctor, Lord Vishnu)

That’s all.

Neuro science is still evolving.

We do not know much of Brain functions

Right Brain Left Brain Theory Wrong

Science has been touting a Theory that “Right-brained” people are supposedly more creative with strong concentration powers. People who are “left-brained” are more analytical, logical, and better with language..

Now this is proved wrong by a recent Study.involving MRI Scan of 1011 people.

Science ,I maintain , is as good as the last Study.

Yet Science and Scientists assume they are the Masters while heaping abuse on Religion and Philosophy.

Brain’s Electrical Signature After Death, Pancha Kosas

Human body has five sheaths or layers.

Annamaya Kosa, Of Food,

Pranamaya Kosa,of Vital Breath,

Vijnanamaya Kosa, of Knowledge,

Manomaya Kosa , of Mind and

Ananadamaya Kosa.

These five layers surround the Atman,the individual self.

Annamaya Kosa is made up of the essence of Food, not food itself.

The food we eat gets digested and its essence. called the Rasa and it sustains the body.

Food determines our thoughts and dispositions-read my post on this under Hinduism.

We become what we eat for we think because of what we eat and we become what we think.( Bhagavad Gita)

Prana is the subtle breath, not actual air.

It is the subtle quality of air.

Breath regulation is taught is Yoga;people mistake control of air.

Breath has three aspects,

It is puraka when inhaled(through the left nostril)

It is also called the Ida Nadi.

Rechaka is drawn through the right nostril, Pingala Nadi.

When retained in the lungs it is Kumbhaka.

The ratio of Pranayama, of breath control is 1:4:3-Puraka:Kumbhaka:Rechakam.

Mind is the other layer.

Thought ways determine what we think and what we think decide what we are and what we become.

Through right food and right breath control, right mental disposition can be attained.

Vijnana or Knowledge is another layer, made of two types of knowledge.

They are,

Para Vidya, Knowledge of the Reality, which is eternal, correct .