Nothing Remains But Universal Cognition

Like a game played on the street in childhood, a meal with a stranger in a Train, the hotel where I stayed in a town…..   Is Life all but a series of fleeting impressions?  

What Is Mantra, Definition Explanation

What we perceive intially,when we come into contact with objects, is a jumble of various inputs conveyed to us by various organs like Eyes,Ears...

This reaches the Mind as unconnected stimulii

At this level,Mind just collects information , without collating them,categorising them.

The next level of Mind,Buddhi collates the information,categorises them,tags them as correct or incorrect from a factual point of view and also passed value judgements like Good or Bad.

Happiness Success And You

As against t this, Happiness does not require the others.

Look at a toddler.

Its smile of Happiness captivates you, so natural


Because a Child knows to be Happy with itself.

You set it for your self.

Once set, it does not generally change.

Here your happiness does not get affected or change because of the changing perception of you by the others.

You are within You.

You are contented.

Ultimately you are always Alone( not lonely)

Memories Are Distorted Some False, Study

In most cases they make it up to lend effectiveness to their Legend.

It reaches such a stage that they start believing these incidents themselves, and are convinced them to be true and they mess up their lives, especially marriages for they believe what is written about them or what they make up by themselves.

There are many instances of film celebrities whose marriages were ruined by this and many a Career cut short.

In some cases it ended up in suicides.

What exactly is Memory?

Memory is the retention of images, Actions, Impressions of events, images from Life.

These are conditioned by what we Perceive.

Perception is conditioned by what we are.

In effect we Perceive what we want to Perceive.