First Pandya Kulasekara Indra First Capital Korki Before Madurai

First King was Kulasekara Pandya, his son Malayathdwaja Pandya.Malayathwaja Pandya's daughter was Meenakshi and she ruled Madurai and Her Consort was Sokkanatha also called Sundara.Veerapandyan ruled after Sundara/ Meenakshi, to be followed by Ugrapperuvazhuthi.He was followed by Abhisheka Pandya.

Four Pandya Kings Of Ramayana Names Date

Chola Muchukunda was an ancestor of Rama.We have references to Chera and Pandyas in Ramayana.We shall now attempt to trace the Pandya Kings who were present before Mahabharata , because we have traced Tamil Kings after the Kurukshetra battle of Mahabharata

Pandyas Chandra Vamsa Royal Emblem Fish By Pururavas

Pururavas introduced the dynasty's emblem - a pair of fish, and shared his throne and taxes with Indra.