Pandyas Chandra Vamsa Royal Emblem Fish By Pururavas

I have written that the Cholas descended from Ikshvaku Dynasty. The chola kings Manu,Sibi and Muchukunda were the ancestors of Rama.Vaivaswatha Manu,the first Human being ,was an Emperor of Dravida Desa, South India and he had a daughter Ila. Ila married Chandrs and had a son Budha. Ila’s descendants came to be known as belonging to Chandra Vamsa,Lunar Dynasty. As I had written earlier,Ezham as Tamil Ezham is from Ila ruled Kingdom.

Cholas describe their genealogy in their copperplates,that they belong to Ikshvaku Dynasty.

I herebelow provide the Cooper plates inscriptions from Velvikkudi,Tamil Nadu.

It states that the Pandyas belong to Chandra Vamsa and Pururavas,son of Budha.

Pandyas also record that Sage Agastya is their Raj Purohit and the Pnndya Emblem,Fish was designed by Pururavas.

‘The Velvikudi inscription is an 8th-century bilingual copper-plate grant from the Pandya kingdom of southern India. Inscribed in Sanskrit and Tamil languages, it records the renewal of a grant of the Velvikudi village to a brahmana by the Pandya king Nedunjadaiyan Varaguna-varman I alias Jatila Parantaka (r. c. 768—815 CE) in c. 769-770 CE.

Velvikkudi Tamil Inscriptions-Pandya

The inscription begins with a Sanskrit portion that invokes the God Shiva, and describes the mythical lineage of the Pandya kings, naming the sage Agastya as their family priest. It also gives the following account of the dynasty’s origin:

At the end of the previous kalpa (age), a king named Pandya ruled the coastal region. At the beginning of the present kalpa, this king was reborn as Budha, the son of the Moon.Budha’s son Pururavas introduced the dynasty’s emblem – a pair of fish, and shared his throne and taxes with Indra.

Pururavas’ descendant Maravarman was a patron of the learned, who conquered several enemies and gave away heaps of gold.

Velvikkudi inscriptions

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