India In Antarctic Circle Daksha Underground Tunnel Antarctica?

While searching for information on the spread of Sanatana Dharma throughout the world , I come cross, at times, very strange information that seems to contradict our Knowledge of things and they even looked idiotic.

But when one searches with an open mind, the answer is startling and is borne by facts.

Shiva dances..gif
Shiva Tandava.

When I searched on the Color of Rama and Krishna, I landed with the information that the Ancestor of Rama was From the South.

He was Satyavrata Manu and it is backed by Bhgavatham ,Tamil Classics and geographical evidence of the great Flood in the south of India.

On Agastya Crossing to South, It has been validated by Star Canopus.

Thiruvannmlai is about 3 Million Years old.

Tirupati is 2100 million years old.

Jwalapurm in Kurnool, India is about 100, 000 years old.

Shiva Parvati marriage was about  40 Million Years ago, Proved by Tectonic Plate movements.

You may refer for more under Hinduism in this site.

Clic the Lin to see the Map.
Now I have received information from a  source in the US, who does want to be identified, about an Underground Tunnel in Antarctic,

with Map Co ordinates.

Underground Tunnel in Antarctic?jpg
Underground Tunnel in Antarctic?

The Tunnel entrance is visible.

I am aware that people would call this  glacier or an Ice formation.

But there are some facts worth mentioning.

India was near the Antarctic Circle about 255 Million Years ago.

Geological survey reveals that the continents move constantly. Early on there was one large continent called Pangaea which later on split into two parts; Northern Pangaea (North America and Eurasia) commonly called as Laurasia and  Southern Pangaea (South America, Africa, India , Antarctica, and Australia ) which was called as Gondwanaland. After Pangaea split, Laurasia drifted northward and Gondwanaland drifted southward with the Indian sub-continent closer to the South Pole. The presence of divergent plate boundaries found in the middle of oceans or in the middle of a continent is proof of the existence of the large continent Pangaea. As the fragmented land masses moved away from each other sea water filled up the split and the continents as we know them now were formed. Ice age in Indian subcontinent and North America could be explained if these continents had been inside the polar or circumpolar zone; this would have happened when the Indian sub-continent was part of Gondwanaland. The Indian Sub-Continent was very near the South Pole and was inside the present Antarctic Circle. Refer to the following websites.  Indian Subcontinent was near South Pole.

It is confirmed that the Indian Sub-continent was close to the South Pole during the Late Permian period which was around 255 MYA ago. There are many Rig Vedic hymns that describe the duration of day and night in the Polar regions. There are also hymns to describe the Polar dawn and other conditions that are unique to the Polar region. A question to explore would be, are the hymns referring to the period when Indian sub-continent was inside the Antarctic Circle or has there been a time in history when the Indian sub-continent was indeed inside the Arctic circle? Could it also be that the Indian sub-continent was inside the Antarctic Circle but there had been a 180 Deg flip in the poles with Antarctica situated at/near the North Pole? Science tells us that a 180 Deg flip in the poles is quite possible. Please refer  the following websites.

In summary, the Rig Vedic hymns which we will examine tomorrow might be referring to a remote point in history when the Indian sub-continent had been inside/near the Polar Regions. If we take it to be referring to the time when the Indian sub-continent was near the South Pole, we get the date for the Vedas in millions of years (Permian period – 255 MYA).  Either the Vedic Hymns are eye witness accounts of Polar conditions or geological studies were advanced enough during the Vedic period to have been able to explore the Polar Regions.

I shall be writing on the Polar Days and Nights as described in the Vedas.

Now to the tunnel.

1.Thiruvannamalai in Tamil Nadu, South India is about 3 Billion years old.

2.Tirupati, also in South India is 2100 Million years old.

3.Ancient Tamil site of advanced civilisation dated a Million Years is in Chennai, also in south.

4.Jwalapuram in Kurnool , which is about a Million years old is in Andhra Pradesh, also in the South Of India.

5.Vaiwasvatha Manu(Satyavrata Manu) was from the South.

6.Daksha Prajapathi is from the south.

7.Shiva was worshiped in the South much before the Vedas period.

8.While one can find the Patala Loka reference in Hinduism tallying with the presence of Mayan , Incas Civilisations and artifacts found in the US, Central Americas support the Patala Loka of Hinduism( Please read my post on these), there is a dearth of materail on this issue.

9.Refernces are found scattered in the Puranas about the three Patala Lokas.

10.Arctic being one of hte Patalas, can Antarctic be the other?

11.Considering the worship of Shiva in the  South preceding the Vedic Texts, the presence of temples and Hills in the South relating to the older periods, The presence of Agastya in the South, Tamil worship of Shiva and Subrahmanyaaas Murugan as predominat deities, probable that the Antarctic could have been the place for Daksha( though this contradicts Himalaya Dakshaand Dakshyayani(Sati) where he hid from Veerabhadra, who was created by Shiva to destroy Dasha Yagnya?

I have been forced to form a theory on these lines as there are more than One Daksha(he changes in every Manavatara) and there is a Temple in Kerala, Southern Tip of India where Daksha Yagnya is celebrated even today (Please read my Post on this)

By Ramanis blog

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  1. Sir,

    I saw yesterday some video, indicating that imminent pole shift wold bring India as a north pole ale and eastern part of south american cost as south pole. I am not able to find a link, if I find it, I will post it for you to check.

    Thank you for your nice and informative posts.


  2. Ramani ji, please listen to the above speech fully. You will get clear picture of all the lokas….Earth is earth…In earth one cannot distinguish or compare other lokas. In Skanda purna elaborately everything was given. Earth is unique.


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