Shivas City Swastika In Antarctica Emerging?

Considering these facts it stands to reason that the city that is found in Antarctica was Shiva's city and Tamils lived there as a close associate of Sanatana Dharma. Please read my articles on each of the points I have mentioned in this articles as providing links to all the articles in one post is difficult due to technical reasons.

Swastika In Antarctica Ramayana Golden Mountain Found

Ravana had his Moola Sainya in this area of Antarctica which included portions of Atlantis seaboard...The Russian scientific team that has successfully drilled 3,768 meters into the world’s largest submerged lake on the continent of Antarctica, believed to be untouched for over 20 million years, states that the underwater video camera discovered the “striking image” of a “golden-like swastika” estimated to be no less than 100 meters in height and width.

India In Antarctic Circle Daksha Underground Tunnel Antarctica?

10.Arctic being one of the Patalas, can Antarctic be the other? 11.Considering the worship of Shiva in the South preceding the Vedic Texts, the presence of temples and Hills in the South relating to the older periods, The presence of Agastya in the South, Tamil worship of Shiva and Subrahmanyaaas Murugan as predominat deities, probable that the Antarctic could have been the place for Daksha( though this contradicts Himalaya Dakshaand Dakshyayani(Sati) where he hid from Veerabhadra, who was created by Shiva to destroy Dasha Yagnya?

Pyramids Emerge From Melting Ice Lost Civilization

The World History is full of distortions,example Indian History as told by the British, which is in vogue in India till to day. Some of the events that took place in the World and India about 40 years back( when I was 23) is to day totally misinterpreted. Well that is documented, that's all! Now to the story on hand.

Under water-“icicle of death” filmed by BBC.Video

A bizarre underwater "icicle of death" has been filmed by a BBC crew. With timelapse cameras, specialists recorded salt water being excluded from the sea ice and sinking. The temperature of this sinking brine, which was well below 0C, caused the water to freeze in an icy sheath around it. Where the so-called "brinicle" met … Continue reading Under water-“icicle of death” filmed by BBC.Video