Bharata’s Family Tree

Religion I came across the Family Tree of Bharata, after whom India is named as Bharata Varsha. Click on the Image to Enlarge. Bharat Family Tree Source:. Related articles Suppressed Ramayana Hanuman Ramayana Names List of Ancient Indian Kingdoms Landmass ( Maps India Timeline Ramayana Mahabharata ( Family Tree Muslims (

2013-14 Rainfall Hinduism Prediction

A point to be noted is the area they speak about for rainfall covers the landmass of Bharata Varsha, which extends from the Northern limits of USSR in the North, up to Antarctic in the south , to US in the West and to the pacific board in the East (India as we know is taken as reference here).

The estimated rainfall for the period April 2013-March 31, 2014.

Size of the Clouds.

Height 500 to 800 miles, this might mean that the water vapour Size.( 100 Yojanas, one Yojana is 5 to eight miles;eight miles seems to be accepted conversion rate)