Unit Of Rain Agriculture Veda Suktha

Hindus have not left unattended in the Vedic Texts. The Vedic Society was rural. Hinduism is a Religion which has sacred Boo Suktham to praise Mother Earth. The Cow and the Bull were venerated and worshiped. The Plough and the Agricultural implements were worshiped during Ayudha Pooja. The feed that has to be given to the Cows and Bull are prescribed. Earth, being one of the Five Elements of Nature was venerated. Earth was is called Priithvi after the King Prithvi who was the first man to plough it.

Rain Making Veda Mantra

One must follow this approach this when studying the Vedas. Whereas Science explains the procedure of every experiment and makes you understand the results, The Vedas gives you the result and keeps quiet about the processes. In Science you are expected to obey the Laboratory Conditions to get the desired , consistent result. In the case of the Vedas , this is replaced by faith and adherence to some procedures which one may not be able to understand. Extend the courtesy to the Vedic thoughts as you would for a Laboratory procedure, you shall get unimaginable results by applying the principles of the Vedas. I had already posted how electric Power was generated by using the two lines of the Purusha Sukta. Now I am posting information as to how to make rains, not artificial ones, but natural one.

2013-14 Rainfall Hinduism Prediction

A point to be noted is the area they speak about for rainfall covers the landmass of Bharata Varsha, which extends from the Northern limits of USSR in the North, up to Antarctic in the south , to US in the West and to the pacific board in the East (India as we know is taken as reference here). The estimated rainfall for the period April 2013-March 31, 2014. Size of the Clouds. Height 500 to 800 miles, this might mean that the water vapour Size.( 100 Yojanas, one Yojana is 5 to eight miles;eight miles seems to be accepted conversion rate)