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Kayenavacha Mantra Equivalent Tamil Poem Siva

However much we try to convince ourselves that we perform because we choose actions,the truth is that we act, because we are impelled to act,either by instinct or reason.

From Porn To Philosophy Bhartrhari Shrungara Neethi Sataka

Kannadasan was an atheist and attacked Hinduism virulently.

Then he became a staunch believer especially of Lord Krishna.

While we were talking at his Hensman Road residence,T.Nagar, Chennai the talk came around to his becoming a believer.

He narrated the sequence of events that changed his life, from an Atheist to a believer.

I told him that though he had written very good film songs and good Tamil literature, it is those songs which he wrote after becoming a Theist have made him immortal .

You Lose YOU In Thought Waves Yoga Sutra 4

'Vruddhi Saarubya Mithradhratha' (Sutra 1.4)

You become distant from you true nature when you are lost in the Thought waves,c

Once we give room for thought waves, this is by our interaction with sense objects,after a while we become immersed in them.

As seen in the earlier Sutra, we become Happy or Sad only when we give in to the thoughts of the objects.

After a while, the object may not be physically present, yet the Thoughts about them persist.

There is fable on this, narrated by Sri Ramakrishna Parama Hamsa.

Two Sanyasins(the Renounced) were walking on the road.

They saw a beautiful woman unable to walk.