You Lose YOU In Thought Waves Yoga Sutra 4

‘Vruddhi Saarubya Mithradhratha’ (Sutra 1.4)

You become distant from you true nature when you are lost in the Thought waves,c

Once we give room for thought waves, this is by our interaction with sense objects,after a while we become immersed in them.

As seen in the earlier Sutra, we become Happy or Sad only when we give in to the thoughts of the objects.

After a while, the object may not be physically present, yet the Thoughts about them persist.

There is fable on this, narrated by Sri Ramakrishna Parama Hamsa.

Two Sanyasins(the Renounced) were walking on the road.

They saw a beautiful woman unable to walk.

Faith In Baba ,To be Felt.

Faith is verified and trusted Belief.

A Child trusts its Mother.

Does it rationalize?

You can not Know God,you can only Feel Him.

I have an instance Bhagwan Ramana Maharishi narrated to me by my father.

My Grand father Ramanan Maharishi,s class mate.

On this ground my used to have child -like access to Bhagwan.

After a tiff with my mother,my father went to Ramanasramam at Tiruvannamalai to become a Sanyasi.

He saw Bhagwan and told him he wanted to become a Sanyasi like Him.

Maharishi asked my father to sit with him as he was giving Darshan.

Normally Bhagwan takes his meals around 12 noon.

Hour reached 3 pm.

My father could not bear the hunger and asked the Bhagwan to come to lunch.

He came ate with my father asked him to take rest

At about five pm, he called my father and told him that becoming a Sanyasi is no easy task and running away from family problems is no solution.

One who can not bear with Hunger even for three hours can never control senses, which is the the prerequisite for becoming a Sanyasin.

He advised my father that people in family Life are the foundation on which Sanyaasrama rests.

Better to be in the Family life and practice Spirituality.

In another instance,my father went there to ask Ramanan Maharishi to ask questions on Philosophy but returned with out asking any question.

On being asked about this, my father explained that when he sat before the Bhagwan, questions vanished from his mind and he was at peace with himself.

Guru’s Blessings may be Sparsa Deeksha,Mouna Deeksha or Dayana Deeksha.

Ramana Maharishi Blessed with Nayana and Mouna Deeksha.

I have felt this when I went to the Prayer hall where Baba was giving Darshan.

Baba seems to do all these.

I was at peace with my self.

What more does one want?

However there are instances of Baba’s Miracles.

Some of them are: