These Are My Parents

‘I am 90.

My wife is 82.

I have two sons and one daughter .

Eldest son is employed in a Private Firm in Chennai.

He draws about Rs 9000 per Month.

He has a child.

My second son , also in Chennai, is doing some small business in Ambattur, Chenaai.

My Daughter is married and is living well in with her Husband  in Villiwakkam ,Chennai  and has two children.

I worked in a government Organisation, receive a pension of about Rs.9000 per month.

Me and my wife have been living separately in a  small portion in the same compound where my eldest son stays.

My wife, being 82, can not cook.

I have come here to end my days and hope I shall, soon.

My second son and daughter are yet  to come and see us”

Parents Quote.
Parents quote

“I am 82.

I lost my husband 25 years back.

I have five sons and three Grand children, one Grandson is working in Computers(means Software)

I was staying in a small room in the out house of my eldest son, taking care of myself.

One day, about a week back, my eldest son brought me here in a Car and told me to stay here as these people will take care of me.

He has not called back since, other children have not called up either.

I will never go back, though I miss my grand children.

Leave it, I have lost my Will…

விடு, சாமி, மனசுவிட்டுப்போச்சு

These are the statements from the elderly who are now housed in a Home for the Aged near Chennai.

I saw the programme by accident in Podhigai (tamil) TV channel.

I am reminded of..

When Sankaracharya wanted to become a Sanyasi, his mother refused to let him go.

After a lot of persuasion, she let him go only after Shankaracharya promised that he would return to her in her death-bed and perform her last Rites, which he did.

Another Saint Pattinathaar when asked to light the funeral pyre of his mother, was heart-broken ,instead of firewood, laid Plantain leaves and recited the following poem for he did not want to set fire to his mother!

ஐயிரண்டு திங்களாய் அங்கமெலாம் நொந்து பெற்றுப்

பையலென்ற போதே பரிந்தெடுத்துச் செய்ய

இருகைப்புறத்தில் ஏந்திக் கனகமுலை தந்தாளை

எப்பிறப்பில் காண்பேன் இனி”

When would I see again my mother, who has suffered for ten months when I was in her womb; who rushed me to offer her breast before I could cry for Milk?’

But,now this is how we treat our parents .


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