Who Are Gauda Saraswat Brahmins

Probable that Agastya brought with him Brahmin families as well and they might have settled in the Konkan Region, Goa. There is a view that Parashurama brought them to the South. ' Saraswat Brahmins lived on the banks of now-extinct Saraswati River that flowed in the northern part of India. They derived their name from either the river or from their spiritual leader, Saraswat Muni. who lived on the banks of the Saraswati.

Adi Shankaracharya Explains Gayatri Mantra

Thusya prachodayatu sabdanistasya atmanah Swarupabhutam param brahma tat savitur ityati padayh nirdisyateh Atra tat subdena prthyagbhutam swatah siddham param bramhma uccayathe) Savitri is the Creation, Sustenance and dissolution,the differentiation of being two as Jivatman and Paramatman gets obliterated. (srustistitilayam lakshnasya sarvaprpanjasya dwaitabhavasya adistanam lakshyate) Varenyam stands for the Ananda Rupa of the Brahman. ("varenyamiti" sarvaraneyam niradhshayaandarupam) By chanting Varenyam one the impurities of the Mind, and Chitta are removed and Knowledge shines forth.