No Guru Neither Disciple Sankaracharya

“Who is Guru and who is Sishya, every one has to seek one’s own Salvation’

Height of Advaita.

At the Paramaarthika, Transcendental Level, there is no Identity except being One, even this I am not sure whether a part can identify itself a part of the Whole.

The World of Names and Forms are Real and Illusory, All at the same time, depends on one’s respective and stand point.

Watch a child start expressing its likes and dislikes, especially of people.

It expresses spontaneously without being able to rationalize.

It forgets them as soon as people are out of sight.

It lives in the present, no associations, consciously.

Otherwise the Child is Full of Happiness or Bliss.

Its smile conveys its Blissful State,especially when it is asleep.

This is Ananda, unsullied by Impressions.

This is Nirvana. The Original State.

Who Is Lord Siva, Nirvana Shatakam

Realization is going beyond the pairs of Opposites,

Pleasure and Pain, Happiness and Sadness,sacred and the Sinfulness.

Nirvana or Moksham or Realization is attaining that where these pairs of Opposites do not affect us.

Things are what they are.

The SivaLinga
We can not change them.

As in day today Life, we can not change things, people or events, but we can change ourselves.

In our Daily life, changing ourselves denote changing into a Mode which is gives us pleasure , comfort.

Unfortunately, the feelings of Happiness or Sadness are also alien to our Nature, the Nature of the Soul.

From our mundane life, we know that what gives us pleasure at one point of Time gives us pain at another time.

Changing ourselves to suit our comfort,pleasure is not solving the problem.

What does one do?

Why Buddhism Did not Flourish in India?

I read an interesting article on the subject. I am providing excerpts and my views on it. Trite messages like follow-the-path-of-ahimsa, life-is-full-of-misery, respect-life, could not have gained Buddha so may followers. Esoteric ideas like Nirvana, dukkha, et al, could not have been the reason. People don’t change so much for so little! Or resist change so much when confronted by the sword!…… Continue reading Why Buddhism Did not Flourish in India?