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One of the core principles of Path of Action Karma Yoga is renunciation of fruits of Action, still better the Determination to relinquish the fruits of action, as explained by Sri Krishna in Srimad Bhagavad Gita. An extension of this thought process is Bhakti Yoga, where one surrenders everything one has and one does to God.

In Hindu practices, at the end of Pooja, there is a mantra that is recited by which one dedicates everything to God.

Whatever actions we perform, they are because of our Nature.

However much we try to convince ourselves that we perform because we choose actions,the truth is that we act, because we are impelled to act,either by instinct or reason.

Both spring from our nature.

Our nature, if truth be told, we do not know.

I do not know how I would act or react in a given situation.

Nor I can predict.

Hindu scriptures call it Swabhava,Own Nature.

Even when we worship God, we do so because of our nature.

Our nature is not perfect.

So when we worship God,however perfect we try to be, we commit mistakes.

So we pray God to excuse us for mistakes committed while worshipping Him/Her.

It may be because of some defects in pronouncing the mantras, in performing rituals as prescribed, our faith,

“Mantra heenam,kriya heenam,Bhathi heenam..”

So every pooja,homa or religious function,both auspicious and inauspicious, ends with a Prayer to Lord Vishnu thus,

‘Kayena vacha Manaseyinrairva Buddhyaath manavaa Prakruthe swabhaavaath ,

Karomi yathyath sakalam parasmai sriman narayanayethi samarppayaami’

Whatever actions I perform/ed, by My limbs,mind, intellect,it is because of my nature.( which is far from being Perfect)

I dedicate these to Lord Narayana.

There is a similar mantra addressed to Lord Shiva.
Karacharana Kritham Vaa; Kayajam
Karmajam Vaa; Shravana Nayanajam Vaa;
Manasam Vaa Aparadham; Vihithama
Vihitham Vaa; Sarva Medha Kshamasvaa;
Jaya Jaya Karunabdhey ; Shree Mahadeva Shambo
Meaning: Oh Lord! Please forgive me for all the wrong actions that I have commited knowingly or unknowingly with my hands, feet, speech, body, ears, eyes and mind. Victory to you, Oh Lord of compassion and Mercy.https://ramanisblog.in/2018/09/19/61691/

In Tamil, there is a poem by Pattinathar, A Realized Soul, addressed to Siva, where the Saint dedicates His mistakes, actions in Life thus. This is addressed Ekambsnaranathar of Kanchipuram, Tamilnadu, India.

Sri Ekambareswara, Please bear with my mistakes like,

  • Not learning Your Greatness
  • Not thinking constantly of your Name
  • Not losing myself in You
  • Not chanting your five letters,Namasivaya
  • Not worshipping you daily, and
  • All my mistakes
  • And Bless me.

கல்லாப் பிழையும் கருதாப் பிழையும் கசிந்துருகி

நில்லாப் பிழையும் நின் ஐந்தெழுத்தைச்

சொல்லாப் பிழையும் துதியாப் பிழையும் தொழாப் பிழையும்

எல்லாப் பிழையும் பொறுத்தருள்வாய் கச்சி ஏகம்பனே

Pattinathar Poem
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