Surya,the Sun Deity, Hinduism.image.

Mitra,Surya Worshipped Pre Roman ,Greece,Iran.Rig Vedic King Suda

‘Mitrasya Sarshaneeth Dhridha’ Upasthana Mantra in morning Sandhyavandan daily,worship of Sun,Surya.

Mitra also means Friend,Contract.

Ancient Mittani ,Hittie Empiress refer to Mitra as a Witness in Treaties.

The worship of Mitra became a cult and spread throughout the world.

Surya,the Sun Deity, Hinduism.image.

Surya Sun God Mitra Worshipped Ancient Rome Pope Baptised With Varuna

Varuna and Maitra are the sons of Aththi and Kasyapa.

So also Surya,the SunGod.

Worship of Surya is found throughout the world,with the attributes described in Hinduism.

Mitra Varuna is worshiped in the Middle east, Italy and throughout Europe.

And the Mayas,Incas,Mittanis,Akkadians,Sumerians and Egyptians were Sun worshippers.