Twelve Aditya In Turkey Rock Temple Yazilikaya

One information is that King Vikramadhitya(-inscription-in-kaabamecca Mecca,) , who ruled Arabia installed them there. Or as Lord Rama also ruled these areas, as evidenced from the Kings List of Sumeria, these might date back to Rama.

Improbable Is Possible Sanatana Dharma Tamil World History

I shall be writing a series with evidence on some of my conclusions, which might border on Wild imagination to plain crazy. So the idea that One could see the world with a small device in one's palm and communicate.' When checked with resources from ancoient Indian texts,foreign literarure not being referred to in our curricula,archaeology,Astronomy,Astro-archeaology,Philology,Linguistics,Racial theories,Geology, and the past cultures of the world and their religion and legends,I found,

313 World Languages From India World Migration from Bharatvarsha 

There are about 445 living Indo-European languages, according to the estimate by Ethnologue, with over two-thirds (313) of them belonging to the Indo-Iranian branch.The most widely spoken Indo-European languages by native speakers 

Surya,the Sun Deity, Hinduism.image.

Mitra,Surya Worshipped Pre Roman ,Greece,Iran.Rig Vedic King Suda

'Mitrasya Sarshaneeth Dhridha' Upasthana Mantra in morning Sandhyavandan daily,worship of Sun,Surya. Mitra also means Friend,Contract. Ancient Mittani ,Hittie Empiress refer to Mitra as a Witness in Treaties. The worship of Mitra became a cult and spread throughout the world.

Turkey Sun God Mitra Shiva Kingdom

Shiva connection in Haran in Turkey, Murugan was worshiped in Iraq,Narasimha and Tamil connection in Syria, Lord Rama’s name in Sumeria’s King List. Now on Gobekli Tepe, the remains in Turkey has a Temple, Burial /worship Ground. Gobekli Temple built by Brahmins Mittanai Mitra Kingdom.