Improbable Is Possible Sanatana Dharma Tamil World History

I have been researching India,its History,Sanatana Dharma,Hinduism for the past eight years.

I have been referring Indian texts in Sanskrit,Tamil and English (these languages I know a bit).

My search was triggered by anamolies in Indian History and culture in the prescribed text books.

‘Considering these facts,( I have written detailed articles on each point mentioned here),I have been pursuing my studies and I am stuck with some startling, seemingly improbable facts.

Nothing is Improbable because I do not understand it,

Arthur Conan Doyle quote..image
Nothing is Improbable, Arthur Conan Doyle Quote in Sherlock Holme.

This might shock some.

I shall be writing a series with evidence on some of my conclusions, which might border on Wild imagination to plain Crazy!

So the idea that One could see the world with a small device in one’s palm and communicate.!’

When checked with resources from ancient Indian texts,foreign literature not being referred to in our curricula,archaeology,Astronomy,Astro-archeaology,Philology,Linguistics,Racial theories,Geology, and the past cultures of the world and their religion and legends,I found,

  1. Bharatvarsha existed as explained in Indian Texts,
  2. The events, characters are real,
  3. Bharatvarsha extended throughout the world,
  4. Rama and Krishna were real.
  5. Rama’s name is found  in Kings List of Sumeria, along with Dasaratha and Bharatha.
  6. Rama is referred to in Atlantis Legends.
  7. Rama Tribe is found in Africa.
  8. Ramas Chapel in Iraq.
  9. Egyptian Pharoahs wore Vaishnav marks on thier body.
  10. Australian Aborigines perform Shiva Trinetra Dance even today.
  11. Ancient Tamil is spoken ,even now in Cameroon.
  12. Hindu thoughts were prevalent in Greece much before the arrival of Alexander in India.
  13. Pillars of Herules was dedicated to Krishna.
  14. Krishna Balarama and Shiva were worshipped in ancient Greece.
  15. Tamil Siddha Bhogar is found in South America.
  16. Agastya is found New Zealand.
  17. Rig Veda was compiled in the Arctic.
  18. Pradhyumna, son of Lord Krishna founded the Port city Port Barzhyn in Russia.
  19. Russia has Vedas called Perun,Perun Santis and they were nine in number.
  20. Siberians worship Ayur Devathas of Hinduism even today.
  21. Lake Baikal was Indra’s Amravathi.
  22. Kaikeyi was born in Russia.
  23. Russian language is very close to Sanskrit.
  24. Saptha Rivers, that is seven rivers as explained in Indian Texts are found in Russia.
  25. Yagnyavalka, the Sage who gave Shukla Yajur Veda lived in Russia.
  26. Caspian Sea was Kashyap Sagar.
  27. River Danube was named after Dhanu, mother of Dhanavas.
  28. Rig Vedic Mandala city is found in Arkaim, Russia.
  29. Russia was called Sthree( Women) Varsha and was a Republic.
  30. Petra Jordan Has a Shiva Temple.
  31. Arabia was Aravasthan.
  32. King Vikramaditya ruled the region.
  33. His edict is found in Kaaba.
  34. Muhammad’s Uncle wrote Siva Stuthi.
  35. Shiva Linga is in Meccan and Islam follows Vedic rituals at Kaaba.
  36. Ancient Arabians followed Tamil customs.
  37. Tamil kings extended their kingdoms to middle and far east.
  38. Cilappadikaram Nedunchezhiyan ,Pandya King was called Nebuchadnezzar I.
  39. Yadavs migrated to Israel and are the ancestors of Jews.
  40. Hittie,Elamite,Hurian,Sumerian,Minoan civilizations trace their roots to Tamils.

Articles to follow.

Please note that this Blog  is exploratory and research oriented in Nature.

Alternative views with evidence welcome.

11 responses to “Improbable Is Possible Sanatana Dharma Tamil World History”

  1. Dear Sir, I would like to add to your work affirming the evidence of ploytheism in the world even before mohammad or Jesus or Moses. Even the Jew, Christian and Muslim books affirmed this fact. As the world was slowly split up into continents so did the unified roots of polytheistic principles spread to different continents. There is nothing surprising to find commonalities in concept or names or philosophy of polytheism of different world regions. The rational question is whether to believe the concept of polytheism or monotheism. Historically followers of monotheism were limited in number compared to polythiests but the concept saw large followers from moses


  2. Namaste Venkat ji,

    Hope you are doing great. Thank you very much for sharing.

    Regards, Atul


  3. As rational beings we should also question the practical aspects of the two theologies and intellectually arrive at the Universal truth. Which believe is the existence of one paramatma who is the Brahma(Creator) aslo the Cherisher, the destroyer and all possible best attributes.
    I request you not to spend your days only on finding strings of tamil culture and polytheism of the later Vedic period with the ancient world as we all believe in the fact of that relationship as man was not created or evolved on different parts of the world but rooted from the single root community. I request you rationally evaluate and compare the two theologies to either realize the existence of one single God or multiple Gods and what benefits and problems would there be if there were many Gods, who would fight each other or whose followers fight.


  4. I am very much thankful for your dedicated service and an extensive summary of the past culture of the world. This directly hits back all the present notorious religions of the world including Judasim who have been created only to cheat and fool the common people and later it extended its wing in the form of Christianity and Islam and never ending sufferings in the present day world.
    It is not far that people are going to understand the truth about the so called religions and what they created in the world is all sufferings. Whereas the only teachings from Bhuda conveys some betterment to reduce the human sufferings.


    • Sir, I agree that followers of Judaism, Christianity and Islam have stained recent history with lot of problems but it’s never a relegion which invokes violence but black sheeps of it. In fact as we know Hinduism followers have also been relevant in the form of sati, child marriage, polyandry, casteism etc.. Even followers of Buddhism have not Known to keep their hands clean.
      The question now is which principles will lead us to the Supreme Entity and save our Earth. With the limit of my knowledge Islam has guidelines from eating to defecating (Subdued under medical benefits) , marriage to dissolution of marriage (financial security to bride(s) and solution to prophecised higher women population), savings to expenditure (zakat to bring decapitalization of money and support to eradicate poverty), ownership to slavery/service provider (to regulate good condition in the owner employee model and gradually abolish slavery), from signs to science and many more socio economic problems of the world


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