Gyanvapi Mosque Built On Original Kashi Viswanath Temple Aurangazeb

Aurngazeb, destroyed the original Kasi Viswvanatha Temple and had a Mosque built on the land. He called it the Gynavapi, the Well of Knowledge. Into the Well was thrown the Kasi Viswanatha Idol.

Krishna Temple Top broken By Aurangazeb,Mathura

Mosque In Krishna Janma Bhoomi Katara Keshava Dev Temple Facts

What people are not aware is about the Mosque adjacent to Kasi Viswanatha Temple, the original Shiv Linga is in the Well abutting the wall of a Mosque;the Shiv Linga thrown by the Muslim Invaders. What we see to day Kasi Viswanatha Temple is not the original Shiv Linga. How many of us are aware of the Mosque in Krishna Janma Bhoomi!